About me

Hi, to start off, I am not a food truck owner, nor am I a food truck promoter.

If you run a food truck, please do not ask me how to get into a truck rotation. I have no control or knowledge on how to get into a certain food truck lot.  You will need to find a food truck promoter like @AtomicEats, @DinDin_A_GoGo, @Curbsidebites.

I am a food truck fan who has been been following the food truck scene since May 2009, back when KogiBBQ was using twitter to tell his followers where to find him at a "secret" location.  I've been following the Orange County food truck scene since "day 1" and have seen a lot of changes.

I started blogging in 2010 to organize myself on where to find a food truck, and other food truck fans started following me. Please, go through my blog and look at the history of the SoCal GFTS.  Many have left the scene, but there are many who are still serving up amazing food on the streets of LA, OC, IE, and the Valley.

I will rarely tell you if I liked or didn't like a food truck. I think you should go taste the food, and make up your own opinion.

I will gladly help promote your food truck, and post flyers for your next food truck  event.

Send flyers to me as a jpeg file.  Contact me via twitter or email your event information to: callmemochelle@lookingforfoodtrucks.com.