Jun 22, 2012

June 22: Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary

SATURDAYS: Long Beach, Seaport Marina Hotel

June 23: Dana Point, Taste of Doheny

June 30: Redlands, Gourmet Food Truck Event

Gourmet Food Truck Event100 Redlands Mall Redlands, CA 92373
Saturday June 30th, 11am-5pm at the municipal parking lot on Redlands Blvd. Between Eureka & Orange St. Featuring a variety of favorite food trucks from the Inland Empire and beyond!

Click here for ticket info

**Trucks are subject to change**
Slummin' Gourmet, ZZ Truck, Suite 106 Cupcakery, Brats Berlin, Lee's Philly, Ludo Truck, Waffles De Liege, MeSOHungry, Cousins Maine Lobster, Thai 1 on, Bacon Mania, Tornado Potato, WTF, Tropical Shave Ice.

State Street Winery and Hanger 24 Craft Brewery!
Attendees are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food donation to benefit Inland Harvest Food Bank
Children 5 and under are free

June 23: Pomona, Moon Block Party

Food trucks arriving at 5 pm

June 22: Pasadena, Friday Food Fair

Jun 20, 2012

Friday Nights: Family Films in Brea

This year’s Family Films series is jam-packed with variety. Films are shown outdoors on a gigantic screen. Bring your blankets and low-back beach chairs to the amphitheater for a family night of fun. Arrive early and have a picnic dinner. Movie snacks and food will also be available for purchase.

2012 Schedule:
June 22 - The Adventures of Tintin (PG)
June 29 - Chicken Run (G)
July 6 - Dolphin Tale (PG)
July 13 - How to Train Your Dragon (PG)
July 20 - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (G)
July 27 - Up (PG)

A special thanks to our generous program sponsors Ambassador Church, Brea Baptist Church, Brea Ministerial Association, Cause Church, Christ Lutheran Church, and North Hills Church for their contributions.

Click here to view the flyer.

For more information, call (714) 990-7201.

Jun 19, 2012

The Burnt Truck

Cheeseburger slider w/ tots
Fried chicken slider

Santee: Thursdays Summer Concert Series

Oxnard: 1st Thursday's Gourmet Trucks at Elks

On Thursday, July 5, the Oxnard Elks Lodge parking lot at Ninth and B Streets will host 16 gourmet trucks offering the most awesome eats in the 805. 

The event will run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. DJ entertainment, free admission (truck food for sale), and plenty of free parking on street and in public lots.

1st Thursday monthly
Elks Lodge Parking Lot, 801 S. A St.
(805) 385-2705

This lineup is subject to change. Follow us on Twitter @oxnardfoodtruks and Facebook for the latest information

Great Food Truck Race Season 3 IS DONE FILMING!!

Great Food Truck Race s3
New Season Begins: Sunday, August 19 at 10p/9c

The third season of The Great Food Truck Race is done filming.

The starting point was in Long Beach, CA.  This season they changed it up a bit by getting people who have the dream to own a food truck but don't have one yet; The winner of this year's GFTR gets to keep the truck + $50,000.

(from Food Network's press release, March 2012)

The Great Food Truck Race's third outing will have more drama, more twists, more strategy, but most of all, more dreams. Hosted again by Tyler Florence, this season's not a competition between current food truck operators - it's between people who desperately want to be. Eight teams of hopefuls will have their dream truck handed to them before they race from city to city trying to prove they have what it takes to own and operate a successful food truck, with the winning team will get to keep their truck and immediately launch their food empire.

The kick-off was at Shoreline Village in Long Beach, California. 
New Season Begins: Sunday, August 19 at 10p/9c

The starting trucks were:

Under the Crust*- San Diego, CA (@Underthecrust1)
Barbie Babes- Los Angeles, CA (@@BarbieBabesLA)
Coast of Atlanta- Atlanta, GA (@CoastofAtlanta)
Momma's Grizzly Grub- Wasilla, AK, (@MommasGrub)
Pizza Mike's- Westerville, OH (@PizzaMikes)
Pop-a-Waffle- Los Angeles, CA, (@PopAWaffle)
Nonna's Kitchentte- Parsippany, NJ (@NonnasKitchenet)
Seoul Sausage- Los Angeles, CA (@SeoulSausage)

* Truck eliminated in Hollywood, CA

I tried not to post any spoilers (though that was probably impossible).

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GFTR Timeline

May 06: The Race starts off in Long Beach, CA with 8 GFTS (gourmet food trucks).  The trucks sold food near Grauman's Chinese Theater in H'wood....  1 GFT did get eliminated.

May 08-11: Flagstaff, AZ.   
Click here for the Flagstaff stop recap.

May 18-20: Amarillo, Texas
Click here for Amarillo post. 

May 25-27: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Click here for Fayetteville post

June 1-3:  Nashville, TN
Click here for Smashville post

June 9-11: Cleveland, OH
Click here for Cleveland post

June 15-16: The Final 2 trucks are heading to...  BOSTON. MA!
Click here for Boston post

June 16-17: The trucks moved to Portland, ME
Click here for PortlandME post

And the finale ended in the picturesque town of Lubec, ME
Click here for Lubec post.

So, who's going to win the GFTR3 and keep their truck?!
Sorry but I won't spoil who won the Race.

Twitter WAS the best source to find out what's going on with The #GreatFoodTruckRace. >> Click here to see tweets from the fellow GFTR fans.

Jun 18, 2012

LA GFT: Trailer Park Truck

Above: Mac n cheese top with bacon
Below: Aunt Mimi's chicken and Waffle


If you didn't know, Sizzler has a food truck. 
This is one of their items: a French Dip slider with fries and side of au jus from @ZZTruck. 

LA GFT: Cousins Maine Lobster

Top: Connecticut lobster roll
Left: Ceviche
Right: Shrimp roll

Great Food Truck Race 3 wrap up and thoughts...

The Great Food Truck Race 3 should be over today.  I do not know who won, but I will extend a hearty "congratulations" to Nonna from NJ and Seoul from LA.  They outlasted 6 other teams, and had great support from new and old fans.

One thing I noticed from this season (compared to my participation in season 2) was a lot of below the belt comments, and breaking of rules from the fans as well as from the eliminated food trucks. 

Last season, my opponent from Hodge and I had a healthy twitter competition. We never put down the other team. In fact, we even worked together, by tweeting locations at various cities, to convince foodies to eat from our 2 trucks. Our alliance worked all the way to the final 2... when we had our show down in Miami.

By the time the taping of season 3 was over, fair play was thrown out the window. There were breaking of rules by food trucks: Under the Crust and Coast of Atlanta.

Under the Crust and Coast of Atlanta openly tweeted their support for Seoul Sausage.  The rules of the GFTR is the trucks can not use social media about the competition. Even after confronted, Under the Crust refused to stop tweeting during the Race, even went so far as to block me from spying on their tweet.

I also found distasteful and disrespectful when an opponent makes suggestions that a pretty face, and not their food, is the only reason they made it to the finale.  

I hope next season the fans will learn to play nice.  As Dragnet would say.. just the facts, ma'am.

June 18: Great Food Truck Race FINALE is in Lubec, Maine

Social media has proven that news travels fast... in fact, so fast that the Great Food Truck Race has been manipulated by the fans using twitter.  In season one, no one knew what the show was about. 

In season two, fans like me supported our favorite truck and used social media to reach out to complete strangers, asking them to spend money on food trucks they have never heard of. This season, the producers of the Great Food Truck Race thought by using the "twist" of using foodies who want to own their own trucks, they would be able to avoid the social media frenzy.  They were wrong.  Fans like me, and family members of the wanna be food trucks, helped promote the Race via social media.

The GFTR decided to end this season's Race in a remote town of Lubec, Maine. 

Wow... population 1600 people?  Its totally still GAME ON!  It's the Girls from Jersey versus the Boys from LA.  Try food from both trucks, and be sure to tweet with hash tag

The Food Network Channel is here to film their last episode in the latest series of The Great Food Truck Race... two trucks will be set up at 12 Water Street around 1:00... come over and check it out! The series will air mid-September.  Article found here>> 

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12 Water Street, Lubec, ME. 

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Jun 17, 2012

June 15-16: Great food truck race in Boston (spoiler alert)

**** SPOILER ALERT **** 
The final 2 food trucks are....

Eight food trucks started in Hollywood, CA and two food trucks made it to Boston, MA.  Wow, talk about cliche!  The Boys vs the Girls, The West Coast vs. The East Coast. Los Angeles vs. New Jersey (and I'm not talking about the Stanley Cup!)

Congrats to the final 2 trucks: Seoul Sausage and Nonna's Kitchenette  Keep an eye out for two trucks... please tweet pictures of the food and the locations with #GFTR or #GreatFoodTruckRace!!  If its like previous seasons, the trucks will be all over Boston... opening and closing within hours, and constantly moving locations.... hoping to reach the needed goal to be Season 3's winner!

West Coast: The Boys from LA....
 ...versus East Coast: The Girls from NJ!


The GreatFoodTruckRace kicks off 2pm @ the Back Bay, Copley Square North at Clarendon St. -- Nonna's Kitchentte will be there.  Then, at 3pm, find Seoul Sausage at @JHNYCPKS_Boston

photo by Steven Leibowitz (@StevenL57)


Huge change!!!!! #GreatFoodTruckRace Heading to Portland #Maine. If u have any friends there please help and RT!! #GFTR

Sunday, still in PORTLAND MAINE

@LauraNativo: Support the all girl chefs! RT @sarahdelage Nonna's Kitchenette already parked outside RiRa. #GreatFoodTruckRace #GFTR http://t.co/Fl1FdHM4

This is the finale??!
Get ready Boston?? No... its Lubec, ME?