Oct 27, 2011

Barcelona on the Go: Lentil soup, Sirloin tacos, and Shephard's Pie

My sister and guest blogger Becky underestimates Esteban from Barcelona on the Go....

Shephards Pie
Esteban from Barcelona on the Go really knows what his customers want to eat. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering he’s got a successful food truck cranking out consistent and amazing food.

Two weeks ago, he served a Spanish Shepherd’s Pie. It was served piping hot in its own individual container filled generously with a mixture of ground beef/lamb, peas, carrots and topped with mashed sweet potatoes and diced pancetta. I really hope he will serve it again because that dish easily ranked as one of my favorites on his menu (see photo above). At the time, he claimed he knew I was going to order it. I brushed his prediction aside, thinking that he could not possibly know me well enough.

This time around, I was about to place my order when he said, “I know what you are going to order.”

I paused for a moment and stared at him.
“Really?” I asked skeptically.
“Yes,” he grinned.
“Okay,” I challenged, “What am I going to order?”
“You’re going to order the soup,” he answered without a hint of hesitation in his voice.

He tweeted earlier that he was serving his chorizo and lentil soup for lunch. He doesn’t serve soup too often, but when he does, it’s always worth ordering.
Generous chunks of chorizo simmered with perfectly cooked lentils made this soup hearty and satisfying enough to get through any cold, dreary day. The soup was served with two pieces of garlic toast to complete the dish.
“Could I also add a sirloin taco to my order?” I asked.
His sirloin tacos with roasted corn salsa are one of his staple items that is another favorite of mine.
“Absolutely,” he said.
I bet he didn’t think I was going to order that.
On second thought, I bet he did.

Chorizo & Lentil Soup

Sirloin Steak Taco

Oct 29: Don a Vee Food Truck o Treat

Saturday October 29th from noon until 3:00 PM
Donavee Chrysler Jeep Orange County is having its annual FOOD TRUCK OR TREAT event with gourmet food trucks Pogi Boy and BaconMania!  There will also be candy and cake for the children along with a raffle for prizes such as a new Acer tablet computer hosted by the 95.9 The Fish street team.  Come down to enjoy good eats, treats, and a chance to win a new Acer tablet computer!

Crepes Bonaparte

Cinnamon apple bottom crepe

Truck Norris

Sesame chicken plate

Oct 23, 2011

TropShaveIce creates "brick and mortar" with Shrimp Guys

There's a new restaurant in West Covina that should look very familiar to Gourmet Food Truck fans.  Orange County's Tropical Shave Ice and LA's Shrimp Guys joined forces and opened a "brick and mortar" with two restaurants under one roof.

I tracked down the restaurant, located in a busy strip mall near the 10 freeway in a prime location right next to the street. The menu for Tropical Shave Ice is more extensive than the truck's menu, with a lot more syrup flavors, more "Fusion" choices, and more fruit selection. Rick also added frequent "punch cards" which are also valid on the Tropical Shave Ice truck. 

The night we arrived, they were revealing the menu for Rich's Shrimp Shack, the co-business at the location. The shrimp menu was similar to the Food Truck, but the Hawaiian menu added the touch to make the restaurant very island-friendly.

They are still touching up the place, but the restaurant is open for business. The neon sign is still being made, so look for the "Now Open" banner and anticipated the completion to be in November.

Fans will be happy that food prices are also similar to the food truck, except tax is added at the register. Find Tropical Shave Ice/ Rich's Shrimp Shack at 1001 S. Glendora in West Covina. It's two restaurants sharing one roof, so operating hours will vary.

Rick Kukahiko helping a customer with their shave ice purchase
Unveiling of the new menu
Rich's Shrimp Shack menu
Tropical Shave Ice menu
An 808 Shave Ice with azuki red beans and "snow cap"
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