Apr 23, 2011

Las Vegas: Hodgepodge (Cleveland), Devilicious (San Diego), Roxys Grilled Cheese (Boston)

While at the Lime Truck location, we found out there were other trucks near El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street). We hopped across town and found 5 trucks, Vegas' Sloppijo's and Lulu's, Roxy Grilled Cheese from Boston, Hodgepodgetruck from Cleveland, and Deviliciousfood from San Diego.

We had until 7: 30 pm to eat before the TV show closed the trucks. We were also full from the Lime Truck, so we picked food from Hodgepodgetruck. Martin ordered the Hodge Podge Dawg and I ordered the Chefs Steak.

While waiting for the food, I went to say hello to the girls from Devilicious. They were amazed I drove from the OC for food.

While eating, we observed Devilicious & Hodgepodgetruck talk "game" strategy. We wanted to try Roxys but were too full, and hope maybe tomorrow we can catch them.

The day crowd had gone home... and this was the crowd at 6:30 pm (1 hour til cut off time)
Chef Chris from Hodge Podge & the Deviliciousfood girls discussing strategy

The Great Food Truck Race supplied the car for each team
Hodge Podge Truck from Cleveland, OH
Chef Chris
The Chef Steak, a filet with mac n cheese & spinach

The Hodge Podge Dawg
Roxy's Grilled Cheese from Boston, MA

Great Food Truck Race: The Lime Truck teams up with Slidertruck in Vegas

I was at a kiddie birthday party when I got a DM tweet asking if I'd drive to Vegas to support the OC trucks participating in the next Great Food Truck Race (a reality tv show on the Food Network). Hmmm, why not?!

We left The OC at 12: 30, called Bally's Hotel for a room (perks of being a Total Rewards player) and arrived at Vegas at 4: 30. We found the Lime Truck at 5:30 pm via a tweet from The Slider Truck, and also found other faithful OC foodies at the gathering.

Martin & I ordered the Arrogant Mussels, the Crab & Scallops Ceviche, the Jidori Chickenconfit taco, and a Limeaid from The Lime Truck.

While eating, foodiePaul showed off his beautiful Caprese Salad plate, and I took the picture.

The food gathering was hosted by Vegas truck: the Slider Truck, and we supported them by ordering the Ya Ya (greek) slider and the Pulled Pork slider.

Driving to Vegas from the OC:  4 hours
Getting an upgraded room for free for being a loyal gambler... priceless!

Foodies being filmed by the Food Network
Even Man's best friend wore his finest boots
The Lime Truck from the OC
Sweeet truck guys!

The Lime Truck's signature LimeAids
Jidori Chicken Confit taco from The Lime Truck
Maryland Blue Crab & Scallop Ceviche
Classic Caprese Salad
Arrogant Mussels
The YaYa (Greek) slider & the Pulled Pork slider from the Slider Truck
Martin deciding what slider to order
the Slider Truck

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Apr 22, 2011

Anaheim: Piaggioonwheels, Chompchomptruck

It's game 5 for the Western Conference Quarter Final Playoffs (round one) and Noble Ale Works invited Piaggioonwheels and Chompchomptruck to feed the Ducks (and Angels) fans before the game.
I ordered off the menu and ordered grilled tilapia over chimi rice. Karen ordered the special, Brasilian Fish Cakes, while Martin went to Chompchomptruck for his Kaya Coconut French Toast.

Go Ducks!
Brazilian Fish Cakes from Piaggio
Grilled tilapia over rice
Kaya french toast from Chomp Chomp Truck

Santa Ana: Rolling Sushi Van

There's food trucks invited at the Orange County Employees Association every other month.
I  went to Rolling Sushi Van with Martin and Karen and we ordered the Tuna Hand Roll, the Chirashi Bowl (sashimi over rice), and California Tuna roll.

California Tuna roll
Chirashi bowl
Tuna hand roll

April 22: Food Truck Friday in Santa Ana

This event will go on rain or shine. 
Free parking, free prize drawings and tables & chairs will be available.

Ducks & Angels fans... Tonight: Food Trucks and Beer at @NobleAleWorks

Starting May 4: Long Beach, LunchTruck It

Apr 20, 2011

Irvine: Swinging Kitchen, Piaggio on Wheels

A popular Wednesday night spot is the Irvine Lanes, better known as "OC Dindinagogo". Martin was meeting up with friends, so he grabbed some food to go, and didn't let me take any photos.

I stayed behind to chat with other foodies, and to try the Tofu Lettuce Wrap and the Pork  Bellies Lettuce Wrap from Swinging Kitchen. I also went to Piaggioonwheels and ordered an Argentine steak taco and a Caprese empanada.

Caprese empanada & Argentine skirt steak taco from Piaggio
Tofu lettuce wrap & Pork Belly lettuce wrap from Swinging Kitchen

Irvine: Ranchan Ramen

My sister Becky is my weekly guest blogger, reporting on food trucks
from the Teller & Michelson lunch lot in Irvine, CA. 

Today’s truck gathering included BOTG, Lime Truck, Dos Chinos, Rancho A Go Go, Burnt Truck, Lee’s Philly, Bakery Truck and Oh For Sweet’s Sake. Piaggio’s was unable to attend today due to a private event they were hosting.

Last week,a mysterious bright pink truck pulled up to the lot just as I was leaving. Today, I discovered that it was a new (just a month-old!) truck called Ranchan Ramen. They took over the previous WYSS truck up in Los Angeles.

As their name suggests, the Ranchan Ramen truck serves different kinds of ramen with various toppings (corn, bamboo shoots, etc) you can add for an additional charge. They also serve different types of skewers and other commonly recognized Japanese appetizers. I ordered the "Ranchan Special" ramen and a side of their gyoza.

Ranchan Ramen is definitely experiencing common problems for a new truck. For starters, the very nice girl who took my order below wasn’t very familiar with the menu, and had to confirm with Eddie or Enrique when customers asked about their food. Then, there was a mix-up in the orders to where four of us waiting for our food had to wait a little longer before our orders were corrected. Eddie did apologize for the delay and I wasn’t in a rush to get back to the office, so it was not much of an inconvenience for me. I do wish them the best and hope they are able to work out the kinks as quickly as possible.

Ranchan "Special" ramen

Ranchan Ramen gyoza

Los Alamitos: Shortstopbbq

I remember when this food truck gathering was the hidden gem of Tuesday nights. Looks like the secret is out, and even local fire & law enforcement have come to support Los Al DinDinagogo.

I stopped at Shortstopbbq and ordered a modified Holiday Frites, which is fries topped with smoked turkey covered in a honey bbq sauce and topped with a dollop of creamed corn, instead of the usual cheese.

Martin ordered a half-n-half, which is also not on the menu. It's a half of the tri tip and half of the pulled pork sandwich.

Pulled pork topped with creamed corn
Tri tip with bleu cheese slaw
A modified Holiday Frites: Fries topped with bbq smoked turkey and a dollop of cream corn

Apr 19, 2011