Feb 4, 2011

Denver: Walnut a GoGo

When we were walking through the Artist Walk, we came across this truck. They were not ready for service, so we took a few photos. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it back later.

one of many trucks I found at the Denver First Friday art walk

Apologies for the format change

My old Droid died on me and I had to reload all new apps on this new phone. The app for this blog is slightly different, such as posting the description first, then the photos. 

What I do is blog from my phone so I don't forget the names of the food I had.  The new app seems to shuffle my pictures, so It won't be any logial order until I edit them on my laptop at home.

I hope you don't mind the new format, and reading my blah, blah, blahs before seeing the final product :=}

A piece of art at the Denver Art Walk

Denver: Basic Kneads Pizza truck

Our final stop at the Denver Art Walk was the Basic Knead Pizza truck.  The truck is a converted FedEx truck with a wood burning oven.
The truck can make pizzas to order, but unfortunately you can only get a 10" pie, not by the slice.
We picked up two pies: a Margharita & "the Wise Guy": Olive oil, Mozzarella, Sausage & Rosemary.

Basic Kneads Truck (@IKneadPizza)

The Margharita

Right out of the oven... the Wise Guy

Making pizza for the foodies with a smile!

Denver: Stick Food

After leaving Crock Spot, we found Stick Food. We picked a medley of items to take back to the hotel:
Waffle with nutella  (on a stick), Angus beef and chicken, and Mashed potato balls.

Mashed potato balls
inside the mashed potato balls
Angus beef & organic chicken
Waffle with nutella drizzed on top
Found them on Santa Fe & 8th Street at the Art Walk!

Denver: Crock Spot

While wandering around the Denver Artist Walk, we spotted Crock Spot at an art gallery.
The concept for Crock Spot is simple.Pick a grain. Pick a meat. Pick a sauce.

Karen selected couscous with chicken and mushrooms. We also took a jalapeno beef over barley with chipotle & chimichurri back to the hotel.

The Barley w/ Jalapeno beef with the Chimichurri & Chipotle sauce
CousCous with Chicken & Mushrooms and a Tzaziki sauce
Made to order
Medley of ingredients to select
Mandy & Stephen serving up Denver with a smile at Art Walk

Denver: El Caribe Venezuelan @QuieroArepas

Igor & Beckie at the Indoor Farmer's Market on 200 Santa Fe in Denver
The El Caribe menu
Normally I don't post this, but it was easier to explain the arepas this way
Shredded beef, cheese, black beans, plantains (sweet bananas) stuffed inside a homemade dough
The plantain and cheese arepas
Shredded beef simmering
Mushrooms and other ingredients simmering
The black beans
Nestled at the edge of Denver's Art District at 200 Santa Fe is the only indoor Farmers Market. I also found El Caribe Venezuelan Arepas.

Arepas are handmade bread and can be enjoyed by itself or stuffed.

Beckie & Igor suggested the Pabellon, which was stuffed with stewed shredded beef, seasoned black beans, sweet plantains, & cheese. I had that, while Karen ate the Queso, the arepas stuffed with mozzarella & plantains.

The duo will be launching a truck very soon. Be sure to follow them at @queroarepas.
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Feb 3, 2011

Anaheim: Rolling Sushi Van

Happy Lunar New Year! Its the year of the Rabbit for Chinese, or year of the cat for the Vietnamese.

The Rolling Sushi Van was at the Anaheim Farmers Market, so I stopped there and met Karen after work.

We had the Tuna chips (Chef Chris calls them his Japanese nachos), California rolls, Spicy Tuna rolls, and of course, Udon noodles.
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More food trucks coming to the OC (Fast Food Maven)

If you can't read the article, click here for the original

Feb 5: Fountain Valley, @DosChinos wrap unveiling party!

Dos Chinos is unveiling their newly wrapped truck!! 
Join them, along with Dogzilla and Bakery Truck for this momentous occassion.

Poor Dos Chinos have been rolling the OC with the naked truck.  Now, they're in the big league and totally legit! Way to go Hop & Joey!

Saturday, February 5 · 11:00am - 4:00pm

  Bad Influence Tattoo Parking Lot
9475 Heil Avenue | Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2258

Feb 12: Irvine, Blackmarket Bakery Open House

Feb 2, 2011

Anaheim: Spudrunners at Noble ale works

Tri Tip chili
The Alpha Red beer
The photo came out blurry... I'm not drunk
Potato soup with cheese, bacon, sour cream
Comfort food: Good old grilled cheese sandwich
Cheesy toast (came with the chili and soup)
It's hard to grab dinner before a Ducks game, and the food at Honda Center is expensive and gross.  Tonight Spudrunners was going to be at Noblealeworks, which is just around the corner from "the Pond".

Martin had the tri tip chili, which he paired with The Alpha Red beer, the perfect combo for a cold, windy night.

Karen and I had the Potato soup topped with bacon, cheese & sour cream, and we split a good ol grilled cheese sandwich. The soup & chili came with cheese toast as well.

Apologies for the poor photo quality. My Droid is on the fritz, and my replacement phone is stuck in Texas (due to the cold weather).  I hope that you will still find the food appetizing.
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Feb 5: #CarsonKmartFest, an unethical Mobile food properties event

Unethical Mobile Food Properties is hosting a new Food Gathering in Carson.
If you read my post on "Boycotting MFP", there was a mentioning on how they "stole" a GFT's Kmart lot (aka: South Bay DinDinaGoGo).  Well, this is the lot they stole, and they are finally promoting it as a "free" event. 

The event may be free to the patrons like you, but it was taken away in an unethical manner from a hard working food truck operator.  They took the lot from someone who had gone through the local channels.  MFP went over the local manager's head and contacted the "Corporate" office, and Corporate was probably unaware the Carson lot was already being used by someone else.

Again, this tactic MFP used was not illegal, but highly unethical. Rather than finding their own lot, they found it easier to take someone else's successful lot, and claim it as their own. 

If MFP is going to claim this lot was not stolen, why not use the Kmart lot in Torrance? Or pick a Kmart lot in some other city?  Why Carson... the lot that SBDinDinAGoGo used?

The 8 food trucks who are participating are still unknown, but I'm sure if you search #CarsonKmartFest you can find out who will be attending this.  There's not even an official flyer, which tells me this was all done rather quickly.

If you do attend, please remember that Kmart was not "discovered" by Mobile Food Properties.  They stole the land  from another Food Truck operator, who worked hard to secure the lot via the local channels. 
Do you really want to support an Unethical promoter? Even though MFP cleaned house, I find it hard to believe that the head of the organization was in the dark about the shady dealings. If this were "MY" company, I'd want to make a image change, and issue a statement about the positive direction of the company.  We have yet to see any statement or acknowledgement about the tainted past of MFP.
Remember, you can always visit your favorite food truck outside an MFP event!

Feb 1, 2011

Los Alamitos: the Lime Truck, Rollingsushivan, Dogzilla, Oh For Sweets Sake

French onion + kobe beef soup from The Lime Truck

Gnocchi from The Lime Truck
Lavash from the Lime Truck
Udon from Rolling Sushi Van

Sweet potato cupcake from Oh For Sweets Sake
You know, I wish I could eat from every food truck, every day. Of course, if I did, I'd be big as a house.

Today I picked up the French Onion Kobe beef soup and an order of gnocchi. Someone next to me ordered their Lavash and a Dogzilla.

Karen ordered Udon from Rollingsushivan, and we split a Sweet potato & bacon cupcake from Oh For Sweet Sakes before getting dessert from Tropshaveice (not pictured).

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Feb 4: First Fridays in Westchester (LAX)

  New line up not posted yet.  Check back soon

Details + Map ->


Jan 30, 2011

Westminster: Rolling sushi van

Crunchy roll & a Tuna hand roll
Thank you Rolling Sushi for the Green tea!
The 2011 NHL All Star game was at Raleigh, NC so I had dim sum take out to snack on while we watched the game on tv.

After the game, I was in the mood for udon and Rollingsushivan was in Westminster. Unfortunately, when we got there, we were told no udon.

I ended up getting miso soup, a Tempura Crunchy roll, and a Tuna roll. Also, Rollingsushivan was nice to warm me up with a cup of green tea.
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