Jan 22, 2011

Fullerton: Rollingsushivan (at the Sunset lounge)

Baked mussels
Salmon Roll
Martin & I were sitting at home when we saw the Rollingsushivan were going to be at the Sunset Lounge on Orangethorpe & Euclid in Fullerton until the late night.

We had an urge for a snack, so we went for Baked Mussels & Tempura Udon. Sandy was also there getting food, and she also picked up Udon as well as a Salmon Roll.
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Irvine: Rollingsushivan, Chompchomptruck, Dogzilla, Piaggioonwheels, Tropshaveice

Udon from Rolling Sushi
S'mores from ChompChomp

Piaggio's chicken taco
Shaka bra from Tropical Shave Ice
On the third Friday, Boomers Irvine is hosting food trucks.

We went after work to get the ever popular udon from Rolling Sushi, and for dessert Karen & I split the s'mores from Chomp Chomp.

Martin ordered the Dogzilla from Dogzillahotdogs, and a chicken taco from Piaggioonwheels.

After playing some video games, we ended our evening at Tropical Shave Ice.
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Jan 21, 2011

New location for LUNCHONTHERUN

Just saw tweets about Lunch On The Run. Its been moved to JSTARMOTORS 8200 E Crystal Ave, Anaheim (off 91/ Weir Canyon)

Pls spread the word
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CANCELED: Saturday: Fountain Valley #LunchOnTheGo Food Truck gathering

****** EVENT CANCELED ******

NEWSFLASH! OC Fair is booking their own GFTS.

I am pleased to announce that starting February 2011, The OC Fair will no longer be using MFP to book their trucks. I am thrilled that I have a place for lunch on Thursdays again.

Jan 20, 2011

Gardena: the Manila Machine, Tasty Meats, Lomo arigato, Tropical Shave Ice

I've tried many trucks, but I realized I've never tried Manila Machine, LA's first Filipino food truck.

I went with Karen to SBDindinagogo and we shared the chicken adobo over rice, the lumpia, & spam slider.

Kevin & Aluna were also there and they got the Bamwich from Tasty Meats, and from Lomoarigato the bacon chaofa & the tofu noodles.

For dessert we all had Tropshaveice, but this time I mixed it up and ordered an orange, melona & peach.
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Jan 21: This Friday, Play & Grub at Boomers of Irvine

Jan 27: 10 food truck at the Hyatt Irvine


TacoDawg promotion

For more information and offers from TacoDawg, click here

Jan 19, 2011

Irvine: Piaggio on Wheels, Crepes Bonaparte, Morsels

Osso Bucco from Piaggio on Wheels
Crepes Bonaparte
Dessert Shot

Mint Pea Soup from the Lime Truck
No, its not baby food!
Tonight was a busy night at Ocdindinagogo. The word has gotten out that this is the hottest Mobile Food Truck spot in Orange County.

Piaggio had his special Osso Bucco, so I ordered that while Karen got Crepes Bonaparte. For dessert I got a banana cream dessert shot from Morsels Bakery Truck and a Tropical Shave ice (not pictured).
On my way out, I picked up the Mint Pea Soup from The Lime truck, but the photo looks more like baby food (sigh).
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Santa ana: Alebrijes Grill taco truck

Chicken taco
Steak (left) & Chicken taco

Mexican madarin orange soda
There's a pink taco truck near my office on Main & Cubbon Street. The last time I went to Alebrijes, my tacos with nopales (cactus) inside.

Today I received naked ones. Ok not naked but,  well, "normal" chicken, lengua & steak street tacos. Still tasty but just so... naked without nopales.

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Fridays: Lunch in Tustin with Shortstop BBQ & Chunk n Chip

NEW VENUE! Milam Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center
13372 Newport Avenue, Suite I, Tustin, CA
Every Friday from 11:30-2:00 pm

Map and info here: http://bit.ly/eQUgfn
With Shortstopbbq & Chunk 'N Chip

Jan 18, 2011

Los Alamitos: The Lime Truck, Sugar Babies, Tropical Shave Ice

Martin is on a retreat so I met up with Linda and Karen at the Los Al Din Din a Go Go.

The Lime Truck had Crispy Pork Bellies Lettuce Wrap, so I paired up an order with the Guava Lemon Aloe agua fresca, and dessert from Tropical Shave Ice.

Linda also picked up the lettuce wrap and the Jumbo Lump Crab Potato Skins.

Karen picked up empenadas from Piaggioonwheels (not pictured) and cupcakes from Sugar Babies.
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Thursdays: dinner at "Attic" in Buena Park (postponed)

Due to local issues, the Attic has been temporarily postponed until all issues can be sorted. Per a tweet from CrepesBonaparte, you can find them this week along with Piaggio and Calbi at 16952 Millikan Ave, Irvine 7pm-11pm 

Guests trucks have also included
RollingSushiVan, The OCFood Truck, LoukstoGo