Jan 15, 2011

Fountain Valley: Flavor Truck, Rolling sushi van, Burnt Truck, The Oc Food Truck

Lulu excited to be at a Food Event (hoping to get a hand out)
Debut of Flavor Rush (Mediterranean cuisine)
Pulled pork slider from Flavor Rush
Rolling Ball from Rolling Sushi Van
Our complimentary California Rolls... just for being frequent visitors on Foursquare.com!
Berry Lychee drink from the OC Food Truck

The California Taco from The OC Food Truck

Fried chicken slider w/ tater tots from The Burnt Truck
Today was family day for us at Lunch on the Run. We brought along Lulu (@perritolulu) to the event.

A new truck called The Flavor Rush truck (@ flvrush) made their debut. Martin tried the pulled pork slider.

While stopping at Rolling Sushi for the Rolling Ball, we were told as frequent @Foursquare users, we "unlocked" a prize: two complimentary California rolls & a miso soup (per person!). Too cool!

Stuffed, I waddled to The OC Food Truck for a Berry Lychee drink, while Martin ordered a California taco, before taking off to the gym.

Before heading home, I stopped at the Burnt Truck and picked up a Fried Chicken slider & tater tots.
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Fountain Valley: The Tacodawg, Morsels Bakery Truck, Louks, Tropical Shave Ice, Shortstop bbq

Chill dawg from the Taco Dawg
The Cuban from the Taco Dawg
Caramel apple louks
White chocolate raspberry cream puff from Morsels
There's always room for Tropical Shave Ice!
The Turducken Gumbo from Shortstop BBQ
There was a food gathering of 12 trucks at the Boomers in Fountain Valley.

Martin had the "Chill Dog" and The Cuban taco from theTacodawg, the Caramel Apple Louks (from Loukstogo), and a White Chocolate Raspberry cream puff from Morsels.

I was looking forward to the Turducken Gumbo from Shortstop bbq. When I arrived, it was still being made, so I started with a Tropical Shave Ice before having my dinner.

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Jan 13, 2011

Fri,Jan 14: Gourmet Food Truck Fest #FVFoodFest

Gourmet Food Truck Fest
#FVFoodFest FRIDAY, JAN 14, 5-11pm
THE LINEUP: The Taco Dawg, Bakery Truck, Fresh Fries, Ludo Truck, Chomp Chomp, Dogzilla, Shortstop BBQ, Tropical Shave Ice, Piaggio, Louks, Dos Chinos, Lee's Philly
Fountain Valley

Jan 26: LA, Weapons of Mass Digestion

Buena Park/ Fullerton: The OC Food Truck, Rolling Sushi van, Morsels Bakery Truck, Chomp Chomp

The OC Food Truck
Mi Amore sandwich (chicken, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, herb spread)
Berry Lychee drink
Udon from Rolling sushi van
Tuna nigri
Fresh California oranges... compliments of Rolling Sushi Van
Singapore sloppy joe from Chomp Chomp
Banana cream dessert shot from Morsels Bakery Truck
Thursday is a big food truck night. There's one at Gardena, Buena Park & Fullerton.

I started at Attic in Buena Park and had "Mi Amore" from The OC Food truck & Berry Lychee drink. Karen & I got our usual Udon and I added a tuna nigiri from Rolling Sushi van. As an added bonus, we got oranges for dessert.

After that we went to Chuck wagon Stop in Fullerton. Martin had the Singapore Sloppy Joe from Chomp Chomp. I went to Morsels Bakery for Banana Dessert shot.
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Jan 12, 2011

Irvine: Morsels Bakery Truck

Teller & Michelson lot
View of the Bakery Truck window
My instructor & classmate in front of Bakery Truck
Fresh baked cookies from the Bakery Truck
It's day 2 of my class, Intro to Procurement. My instructor & a classmate didn't have any plans for lunch, so I talked them into going with me to the Teller lot.

The lines were long and we only had an hour, so I went to Piaggio and ordered us the Pulled Pork sliders and empenadas. Unfortunately, we were such in a hurry, I forgot to take a picture of our lunch.

While waiting for Piaggio, my instructor & classmate was kind enough to buy cookies for the class. That was very sweet (no pun).
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Jan 11, 2011

Fullerton: Rolling Sushi Van

Tempura Udon
Cheesy Crab Sticks
Spicy tuna chips
On our way home from Los Alamitos, we made a quick stop at the "Truck Tour Thursday" on Harbor & Amerige Ave.

Rolling Sushi, Shortstopbbq, Dos chinos, Loukstogo, Bacon mania, & the OC Food Truck were there.

Martin took off to various trucks (and didn't save me any photos!) while Karen & I slurped a bowl of udon and shared the Cheesy Crab Sticks (creamcheese & crab wrapped inside a crispy won ton skin) at the Rolling Sushi Van.

Later, Sandy & Wally stopped by as we were leaving, and ordered the Spicy Tuna chips.
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Los Alamitos: Rancho a Go Go, The Lime Truck, Trop Shave Ice

Porky Mac (pulled pork over mac & cheese)
Mac & Cheese from Rancho a GoGo
Hangar steak taco from The Lime Truck
Blanched Shishito peppers from The Lime Truck
Today I was at day 1 of a 3 day seminar on Introduction to Procurement. I have to admit, the information I'm learning is quite interesting, but dry.

Anyhoo, my day was much better than Monday and I wanted to try Rancho a GoGo's Porky Mac, which is their pulled pork over mac & cheese (a diet breaker, I know!).

While I got that, Karen ordered get Mac & Cheese, sans piggy, while Martin went to Lime Truck and got the Hangar steak taco and the blistered Shishito peppers.

For dessert... Trop Shave Ice (not pictured)
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Jan 10, 2011

Westminster: Piaggioonwheels & Dos Chinos

There's not too many places to find a food truck on Monday. Piaggioonwheels, Dos Chinos & Louks was at Q's Lounge and I met Martin there after work.

Martin had the skirt steak over chimi rice from Piaggio, and the Oahu taco from Dos Chinos.

I ordered the steamed tilapia from Piaggio, and the Bolsa taco from Dos Chinos.

For dessert we shared the churros from Piaggio.
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Where to go on a Monday Night?

Q's Lounge
Mondays 6:00-9:00 pm
15380 Beach Blvd. Westminster
Resident truck: @Dogzillahotdogs

NEW!! West LA DinDinA GoGo
Mondays 5:00-9:00 pm
10601 W Washington Blvd, LA
Follow @Wlosdindinagogo

Jan 9, 2011

New! CrepesBonaparte is serving breakfast on Fridays!

Crepes Bonaparte@CrepesBonaparte is serving breakfast!

NEW STOP: Catch us for breakfast at the Fullerton Train Station on Fridays from 5:15 am to 7:15 am

E Santa Fe Ave & S Pomona Ave in Fullerton, CA 92832 (same plaza as the Old Spaghetti Factory)

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Anaheim: Rolling Sushi van

Newest item: Udon
Tuna nigiri sushi
Shrimp nigiri
Crunch roll & Spicy tuna roll
Rolling ball
Noble Ale Works @ 1621 S. Sinclair Street in Anaheim
Map it!

If you have ever been to the Honda Center, you know the concession stand is expensive and not very tasty. When we saw Rolling Sushi Van was going to be at Noble Ale Works, we made a quick stop for a pre game meal.

We all ordered the tempura udon and I added tuna and shrimp nigiri sushi. Karen ordered the Crunchy Roll & Linda ordered the Spicy Tuna. Martin added the Rolling Ball.

It's game time.... It's time to make sashimi out of the San Jose Sharks!
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Manhattan Beach: Herrodog

Original Herro Dog
Konichiwa dog
French bulldog breakfast dog
Normally on Sunday we stay locally but today Martin wanted to try a new truck in LA, specifically in Manhattan Beach.

After taking the 91, 110 & 105 freeway, we headed toward the pier and found Paul & Kimberly.

Martin selected the Original Herrodog (pronounced Har-ro, like Hel-lo), which had bacon, mayo, jalapeno, cheese, relish, sauerkraut, mustard & ketchup.

Karen picked the Konichiwa, which had sesame oil, wasabi mayo, nori (toasted seaweed), & sesame seeds.

I selected the Hungry French Breakfast dog, which was on a french toast bun with bacon, maple syrup & an egg.

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