Apr 7, 2011

Costa Mesa: Piaggio on Wheels, Tropical Shave Ice

Pork loin with peppers & zuchinni over chimichurri rice
Argentine skirt steak over chimichurri rice
Tofu & zuchinni
a snow capped melona - vanilla tropical shave ice
One of the more popular Thursday lunch spots in Orange County is at the OC Fair. Martin was off on Spring Break and we went to Piaggio on wheels for their lunch special.

I wanted to try the pork from the Porker Sandwich (rosemary infused pork loin), but didn't want the bread. I customized it by putting it over the chimichurri rice & zucchini. Martin ordered the chimi skirt steak version, and I ordered a tofu version for my coworker.

For dessert... My favorite: a snow capped melona-vanilla Tropical Shave Ice!
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