Jan 9, 2011

Anaheim: Rolling Sushi van

Newest item: Udon
Tuna nigiri sushi
Shrimp nigiri
Crunch roll & Spicy tuna roll
Rolling ball
Noble Ale Works @ 1621 S. Sinclair Street in Anaheim
Map it!

If you have ever been to the Honda Center, you know the concession stand is expensive and not very tasty. When we saw Rolling Sushi Van was going to be at Noble Ale Works, we made a quick stop for a pre game meal.

We all ordered the tempura udon and I added tuna and shrimp nigiri sushi. Karen ordered the Crunchy Roll & Linda ordered the Spicy Tuna. Martin added the Rolling Ball.

It's game time.... It's time to make sashimi out of the San Jose Sharks!
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