Dec 18, 2010

Costa Mesa: Chomp chomp, Dan Dan

Korean cheese steak from DanDan
Kaya french toast from Chomp Chomp
Surf & Turf from Chomp Chomp
It was raining and we actually started our day at a restaurant! I warmed up with a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and then went to Costa Mesa.

I picked up a Cheesesteak from Dan Dan, while Martin ordered his favorite, the kaya french toast from Chompchomp. We also split the "surf & turf" which was a spicy shrimp skewer & a tangy beef skewer.
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Dec 17, 2010

Fullerton: Piaggioonwheels at the Bruery

Tilapia & Asparagus over chimi rice from Piaggio
Skirt steak taco from Piaggio
It was a hellish day at work, but it was my last day at work for 2010. I kicked off my vacation and treated myself to a manicure & pedicure before heading to the Bruery for Piaggio. When we arrived, we bumped into the Lime Truck guys Jason & Daniel, who were enjoying the food & beer just like normal customers.

I wanted a healthy dinner and ordered the tilapia & asparagus over rice. Martin ordered two steak tacos & a White beer to wash it down. It was a great way to kick start my vacation!
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Dec 14, 2010

Los Alamitos: the Lime Truck, Greasy Wieners, Dos Chinos

YumYum Lamb from the Lime Truck
Beef Stronganoff from Lime
Green Papaya w/ prawns from Lime
The Oahu Shrimp taco from Dos Chinos
The Bomb from Greasy Wieners
When I arrived at Los Alamitos DinDinagogo, Martin was admiring his yum yum lamb from The Lime Truck. I went to Lime and picked the Beef Stroganoff and Linda ordered the Green Papaya salad w Prawns.

Martin also had the Oahu shrimp taco, while my nephew ordered "the Bomb" from the Greasy wiener, which is a bacon wrapped dog with mustard, chili, cheese & onions.
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Santa ana; Rolling Sushi Van, Dos Chinos

Crunchy roll and Tuna sushi from RollingSushiVan
Bolsa taco from Dos Chinos
Dos Chinos is making Santa Ana his Tuesday afternoon stop at 3RD & Sycamore. Today, the OC Food Truck, Dan Dan & Rolling Sushi Van joined the "MINI TOUR TUESDAY" and Anna & I went to get lunch.

I picked up a crunchy roll & an order of tuna sushi from Rolling Sushi, and a Bolsa taco from Dos Chinos.
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Dec 13, 2010

Mini Tour Tuesdays with Dos Chinos & Friends

Lunch Thursdays 11:30-2:00 pm
NEW!! Sycamore & Civic Center Drive
sometimes the trucks may also be on 3rd & Sycamore, DT Santa Ana


Dinner Thursdays 5:30-9:00pm
Amerige & Harbor, Fullerton
Take 91 fwy, exit Harbor, go north. 
Amerige is the street right after Commonwealth
If you need to GPS the route, search for Florentine's Grill

Resident truck: @DosChinos @TheOCFoodTruck
Check tweets for confirmation and guest trucks

Dec 16: Costa Mesa, OC Fair Block Party preview from 6-9pm

About this event (Click here to view the flyer.)This free public preview will feature karaoke, music and a sampling of the gourmet food trucks that will be participating in the New Year's Eve Block Party event on Dec. 31.

Featured trucks include Bacon Mania, Barcelona to Go, The Burnt Truck, Calbi BBQ, Chomp Chomp, Crepes Bonaparte, Dan Dan BBQ, Louks To Go, OC Food Truck, Piaggio on Wheels, and Rolling Sushi Van.

Dec 12, 2010

Irvine: Chompchomp, Barcelona onthego, Ranchoagogo, Rollingsushivan

Barcelona onthego's Fritatta
My huge gingerbread cookie from RanchoaGoGo
Kaya french toast from ChompChompNation
Spicy tuna roll from Rolling Sushi Van
Rolling Sushi ball
Crunchy roll
It's a gorgeous, sunny, 81 degree day and a great day to eat outside. Even my dog Lulu enjoyed the day.

I picked up my Spanish frittata from Barcelona, a crepe from Crepe Bonaparte (not pictured) and a ginger bread cookie from Ranchoagogo.

Karen and I shared the kaya french toast from Chompchomp, while Martin picked up sushi from Rolling Sushi Van.
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