Dec 11, 2010

San Pedro: Grill em All, Dim Sum, White Rabbit, Tapa boys, Oh For Sweets Sake, Tropical Shave Ice, Shrimp Pimp, Boba Truck @ Truck n Toys event

Grill em all
The line for Grill em all
The Bohemeth
Inside the Bohemeth
Tacos from White Rabbit
Shrimp Pimp sandwich
Handrolls from Tapaboys
Oh for Sweets Sake 50-50 cupcake
DimSum Truck
 Sticky rice
Duck taco from Dim Sum Truck
Iced tea and Boba milk tea from the Boba Truck
Tropical Shave Ice
The Truck Chaser, Vizzi, & Lomo Arigato had a charity event in San Pedro called TRUCKSNTOYS. I attended the event with Martin, Karen, Kevin & Aluna.

Kevin went to Grill em All and ordered the Behemoth, which is a burger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Aluna picked up three tacos from White Rabbit, Karen picked up a shrimp sandwich from Shrimp Pimp. Martin went to Tapa boys and picked up handrolls made with spam, bbq pork & tapa (beef), and a 50/50 cupcake from Oh For Sweets Sake.

I went to Dim Sum truck and picked up shrimp Ha Gow, Siu Mai, streamed Bbq pork cha siu bow, Sticky rice in lotus leaf, and Duck taco, as well as a Boba Milk tea & a jasmine green tea from the Boba Truck. For dessert, I had my usual Tropical Shave Ice.
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Dec 10, 2010

Anaheim: Rancho a Go Go at Noble Ale House

Moink balls
Pork sliders
Brisket slider
Bacon slaw dog
Noble Ale House is a new venue where food trucks are parking. The Rancho a Go Go truck was there, and we needed a place to eat before the Ducks game.

I started off with the Moink, which is the bbq bacon wrapped meatball, then proceeded with the pork slaw sliders, and the beef brisket slider.Martin ordered the Bacon slaw dog and the Pastrami sliders.
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Dec 11: Anaheim, Food truck kick off at Noble Ale Works

Dec 11: Trucks n Toys Drive Food Event in San Pedro

Dec 15: Los Angeles "Weapons of Mass Digestion"

Dec 16: Costa Mesa, Find Art Magazine Holiday Party

Dec 9, 2010

Fullerton: Don Chows, Barcelona onthego, Louks, Morsels, Chunk n chip

Chow fun noodles by Don Chow
Lentil & Serano ham soup from Barcelona on the go
Spanish Mac & Cheese from Barcelona onthego
Cream Puff from Morsels
Grape leaves & Chicken skewers from Louks
Bahama Mama from Chunk n Chip
Fullerton is home to a new food gathering on Thursdays. Tonight at the Carter bowl, 7 trucks came to the first night.

Even though my favorite truck Greasy Wiener was there, I passed it to try the chow fun by Don Chows. I also picked up a bowl of lentil soup from Barcelona, and Karen & I shared the Spanish Mac & cheese from there as well. For dessert I enjoyed my cream puff from Morsels.

Martin ordered the grape leaves & chicken skewers from Louks, and friends Sandy & Wally ordered the Bahama Mama from Chunk n chip.
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Dec 8, 2010

Irvine: Piaggio, The Lime truck, Greasy wiener

Skirt steak over chimi rice from Piaggio
The Thanksgiving Leftover from the Lime Truck
The Greasy Wiener
It's been a while since I've been to the OC Din Din a Go Go. A bunch of the foodie bloggers & tweeters were there and we kicked back with them.

For dinner I picked up the skirt steak over chimi rice from Piaggio, the "Thanksgiving leftover" turkey sliders from The Lime Truck, and a chili dog from Greasy Wiener. Shockingly I didn't have room for dessert!
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New venue for GFTs: Noble Ale Works in Anaheim

We are conveniently located off both the 5 and 57 freeways, walking distance to both
Angel Stadium and The Honda Center at: 1621 S. Sinclair St. Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806 Click here to map it

Trucks scheduled to appear:

Early start to the weekend at Noble. Join us for $2 off Growler fills along with an appearance by @thelimetruck this Thursday starts @ 5:30

Fri 12/10 @RanchoaGoGo will be Noble Ale Works on Friday - Get some BBQ and Brew on your way to Honda Center!

Sat 12/11 @TheBurntTruck, @NomNomTruck, @CrepesBonaparte and @KomodoFood from 5:30p-9:30p

Dec 7, 2010

Los Alamitos: the Lime Truck, White Rabbit, Lomo Arigato, Crazy Creole Cafe, Tropical Shave Ice

Meat & Potatoes from The Lime Truck
Lumpia from the White Rabbit Truck
Jambalaya from Crazy Creole Cafe
Rum cake from Crazy Creole
Tropical Shave Ice
Martin took off to Lake Forest Lanes and I met up with Karen at Los Alamitos. My in laws John & Lisa met me there and had Lomo Arigato (not pictured).

The Lime truck had "Meat & Potatoes" which was a very rare steak served over truffled garlic mashed potatoes. The White Rabbit also was there and I FINALLY got my order of pork lumpia (it only took 4 attempts) and split it (with an order of Lomo noodles) with Karen.

Johnny was there and he ordered the jambalaya from Crazy Creole Cafe. The order took twenty minutes, but he forgave them since they were a new truck. He also picked up the Jack Daniel cake for dessert.

For me, I'm not that adventurous. I kept to my Melona-Vanilla Tropical Shave ice.
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Dec 11: Indonesian consulate fundraiser

Dec 5, 2010

Irvine: Barcelona onthego, Cypress: Tropical Shave Ice at Toms shoes fundraiser

Potato frittata with artichoke hearts & sun dried tomatoes
Spanish french toast
Nothing Egg-citing about fried eggs :)
At the Tom's Shoes charity event
Dino created a unique design on my Toms shoes
While he designed, I had a Tropical Shave Ice outside
The farmers market at The Great Park was not very busy today. Then again, it was a rather dreary day with a chance of rain.

Martin and Karen went for Crepes Bonaparte while I went for Barcelona onthego's Spanish frittata consisting of potato, sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts, the Spanish french toast and a side of fried eggs.

After brunch, Karen and I went to Cypress for Shave Ice and to support a Toms shoes
charity event to "Adopt a Family".

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