Nov 27, 2010

Costa mesa: Barcelona, Shortstop bbq

Lentil & Serrano Ham soup
Smoked duck w/ creamed corn and fries
Pulled pork sliders with creamed corn
Tri tip with bleu cheese slaw & chicken with bbq slaw sliders
There's one way to get the husband to the mall... Feed him first. Lucky for me there's a food truck gathering at the SoCo in Costa Mesa. Today Chompchomp, Calbi, Barcelona, Morsels, & Shortstop bbq were there.

It was a sunny day, but just enough chill to order a lentil & ham soup from Barcelona.

I also got the limited Duck plate (sans sauce) plus 2 sides from Shortstop, leaving me too full to grab anything else... Well except a fresh baked cookie from Morsels.

Martin got his usual sliders from Shortstop: tri-tip, chicken & pork.
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Nov 24, 2010

Irvine: Piaggio, Ahn Joo, Dos Chinos, the Lime Truck

Piaggio on wheels with new wrap
Argentine skirt steak with chimichurri sauce from Piaggio
Korean fried chicken over fries from Ahn Joo
Pork belly taco with dried cranberries from Dos chinos
Tortilla soup from the Lime Truck
It's the day before Thanksgiving and also the Wednesday OC DIN DIN A GO GO in Irvine.

Tonight's trucks were resident gfts Lomo, Piaggio, Tropical, Dos Chinos and Lime Truck. The guest trucks were Ahn-Joo korean snack truck, Chunk n Chip, and Chompchomp.

Piaggio arrived with some added color wrap, which made the truck look very nice.

For dinner I ordered the Ahn-Joo fried chicken, skirt steak taco from Piaggio, and the pork belly "bolsa" taco from Dos Chinos. On my way out, I picked up the Tortilla Soup from the Lime Truck so I'll have something while I make the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
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Nov 26: Food trucks in Santa Ana + Costa Mesa on Black Friday!

Nov 23, 2010

Los Alamitos: Eat Phamish, Morsels Bakery Truck

Vietnamese noodle soup (pho ga)
Morsel's cream puff
(one of my favorites)
Banana cream dessert shot
Fresh chocolate chip cookie
It was scalding hot!
Tonight the Los Al Din Din had a great line up with Lomo, Lime Truck, Vizzi Truck, and guest trucks: Takoyakitanota (the Octopus truck), Shrimp Guys, and Eat Phamish.

When we arrived not all the trucks were there. It was cold and rain was heading our way, a hot bowl of vietnamese noodle soup (pho) was ideal. The bowl was pretty large (surprisingly) I didn't have room to eat other items from other trucks. Well, I did leave room for my cream puff, and Karen had room for a dessert shot & a hot, fresh chocolate chip cookie, also from Morsels.

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Nov 21, 2010

Newport Beach: Street hawker, Shortstop bbq

Street Hawker
Hainan chicken w/ rice
Chicken Satay
BBQ Ribs and creamed corn
Tri tip with fries and bbq slaw
A few food trucks were at the Newport/Balboa farmers market. We opted to come here instead of Great Park to try The Street Hawker, a Singapore truck serving satay, noodles and rice dishes.

Karen went to the Hawker and ordered the Hainan chicken & rice, Martin got the chicken satay.

I went to Shortstopbbq for their pork ribs & cream corn. Martin also ordered a tri-tip with bbq slaw & fries.
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