Nov 6, 2010

Costa mesa: Chompchomp nation, Shortstopbbq, Barcelona onthego

New Truck: Chomp Chomp Nation
Chicken Satay w/ rice cubes, peanut sauce, and slaw from Chomp Chomp
Chicken wings with medley of chips from Chomp Chomp
Pork with creamed corn slider and Tri-tip with bleu cheese slaw slider
from ShortStop BBQ
Portabello mushroom slider from Shortstop BBQ
Meat + 2 sides from Shortstop BBQ
This is Tri-tip with creamed corn and fries
Carrot cake and maple frosting from Mrs Blakes (Shortstop BBQ)
Paella from Barcelona on thego
A new farmers market popped up in Costa Mesa at a new mall nicknamed SoCo. Its a tiny market, but 7 trucks came to the inaugural day, including brand new Chompchomp Nation, a Singapore cuisine truck.

In addition, Crepes, Louks, Calbi bbq, Barcelona, Shortstop bbq, and Baja fresh were there.

Martin got 3 sliders and a carrot maple cup cake from Shortstop (made by Mrs. Blake). My friend Bonnie got wings from Chompchomp,and I got the chicken satay from Chompchomp, tri-tip with creamed corn and fries from Shortstopbbq, and Paella from Barcelona.
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Nov 5, 2010

Carson: Global soul truck, Lomo, Ragin Cajun, Vizzi Truck

Bankok Night
Ragin Cajun combo plate
Mu5hroom Soup from Vizzi Truck
The South Bay Din Din had 10 trucks out, but we only tackled 5.

New truck, Global Soul Truck had a dish called Bangkok Night, which was a ground pork, lettuce wrap type item. I split that and Lomo's tofu spaghetti with Karen (not shown).

Martin went to Ragin Cajun and got the combo: half red beans & sausage, half jambalaya.

For dessert, we got the usual Tropical Shave Ice (not shown) and I took home Vizzi's new fall menu, mu5hroom soup, which does not look appealing in photos.
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Nov 3, 2010

Nov 2, 2010

Los Alamitos: Papas Tapas

garlic shrimp

After a long day at Gourmet on the Go, I wanted to have something different than what was offered at lunch. Fortunately for me, Papas Tapas was a new truck that I have never tried before.

The menu was vast, but I decided on the garlic shrimp and the paella from this Spanish truck.
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Santa ana: Gourmet on the Go, United Way Event

Lines were formed as soon as the trucks opened up for business
Piaggio's Milanesa al caballo (breaded chicken) with a fried egg over fries
Asparagus/Mushroom quesadilla from Piaggio on Wheels
Dos Chinos Carne Asada over Fries
My friend Anna (left) getting ready for the Nutella Eating Contest,
sponsored by Crepes Bonaparte

After months of planning, my Gourmet On The Go event finally became a reality!

Piaggio on Wheels, Crepes Bonaparte, Dos Chinos, Tropical Shave Ice and Oh For Sweets Sake came to serve the people, and OC PARKS made it all possible by helping me with the local permits and venue.

Piaggio had his Milanesa Caballo and Egg over fries, and the Asparagus quesadilla as his main specials, and Dos Chinos wowed the crowd with the carne over garlic fries.

Oh for Sweets Sake sold out within an hour (didn't even get a photo!), and Crepes had a line a mile long. Even Tropical Shave Ice ran out of cups and spoons at the end of the event.

Three people tried out for the Nutella eating contest, and it took about 15 minutes for the winner to finish the 20 oz jar.  Great event... Thank you to the foodies and GFTS!

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Nov 1, 2010

NOV 2 (Election Day) "Gourmet on the Go" foodie fundraiser in DTSA!

 "Gourmet on the Go" foodie fundrasier on November 2nd. 

Sign up at any Crepesbonarte food stop, or sign up at the event on November 2nd.
All proceeds will go to the United Way, and you get a free crepe just for entering.
Do you have what it takes to eat a jar of Nutella??

Oct 31, 2010

Irvine/Santa Ana: Barcelona onthego, Lime Truck, Oh For Sweets Sake

Potato Frittata
Heirloom tomato soup w/ grilled cheese
Chicken noodle soup w/ corn bread
I don't know what is wrong with me, but normally I don't get sick. Hmm, maybe it's just me getting old (er) but my tummy was acting up again.

This morning we went to the OC GREAT PARK for brunch. Martin and Karen went for crepes while on I got a potato & sun dried frittata from Barcelona onthego.

Later that evening, we went to Calvary church in Santa Ana. Martin went for sliders, Karen went for empenadas, and I went for The Lime Truck's tomato heirloom soup and grilled cheese and I also got a second soup (chicken noodle) from Oh For Sweets Sake.
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