Oct 16, 2010

Costa Mesa: Barcelona onthego

Jamon y Melon over baby greens
Bacon wrapped dates
Huevos y papas
Churros y chocolate
Hurley clothing company was having their Family & Friends sale and invited Shortstop, Barcelona, and Longboards ice cream.

I woke up with a massive headache (still have one) so my appetite was not quite there, and all I wanted was a light lunch.

I had the jamon y melon over baby greens with an order of bacon wrapped dates. Martin had the huevos y papas (egg & fries). For dessert, Barcelona treated us to warm churros drizzled in chocolate, to celebrate 1000 followers on facebook.

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Oct 14, 2010

Anaheim: Shortstop BBQ

No longer naked!
Tri tip and pulled pork sliders
Sliced pork loin sandwich
There was a larger truck gathering in Irvine, but we wanted to support Shortstop BBQ at the Anaheim's Farmers Market.

We arrived a little after 6, chatted with Andrew and found out they were busy at lunch (horray!). They were also running out of food, and they still had another stop at The Atomic Ballroom.

Here's a better picture of the newly wrapped truck, tri-tip (left) and pulled pork sliders, sliced pork loin sandwich.
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Oct 13, 2010

Debut of Shortstop BBQ's wrapped truck

The Shortstop BBQ truck is no longer naked. Lol.

It looks fabulous, Andrew!
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Irvine: Burnt truck

Fried Chicken sliders (left) and the Vietnamese pork sliders
from the Burnt Truck
Tater Tots from the Burnt Truck
The Burnt Truck

The newest truck on the street, Burnt Truck was at the OC TRUCK SUMMIT today. When I arrived at 11: 35, the line was 20 + people deep.

Anna ran off to Lime, Dan Dan and Barcelona and I was still at Burnt. It took about a half hour to order, and here are the photos.

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Oct 12, 2010

Irvine: (Lake Forest Lanes) Seabirds Truck, Crepes Bonaparte

Beer battered avocado taco from SeaBirds Truck
Bacon n Eggs n Cheese wheat crepe
from Crepes Bonaparte
Yesterday we had dinner at home, so tonight we went to Lake Forest for the Tuesday "South County Bowling Gallery" gathering.

Crepes Bonaparte, Seabirds, Taco Dawg, Chunk n chip, Dan Dan, and
Barcelona onthego were there.
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Oct 11, 2010

New posting format

I finally entered the 20th century and got myself a "smart" phone!
My "not-so-smart" phone was ok, but it wasn't allowing me to post real time and with good quality pictures.  Well, the old photos were not bad at all.  I'm looking at the Long Beach Fest and for an old phone, the Nom Nom truck came out pretty good. 

Now, I can now post from my new Droid, which will have the photos of the food first, and then a quick comment or description of the venue.  I think that format is better since you're here to see the food, not read my babble, right??

I really am happy with the quality of the new pictures, and how detailed it is.  I hope you are enjoying it too!

Oct 10, 2010

Costa mesa: Ragin Cajun, Morsels, Tropical shave ice

The Bakery Truck tweeted they were going to be at the Fairgrounds, but did not make the connection the Orange County Swap Meet was held there every weekend.   Parking was free but it cost $ 2 to get in.

It was easy to find the trucks and we spotted RAGIN CAJUN, truck  from The Great Food Truck Race. Besides Cajun, Morsels (@BakeryTruck), Tropical Shave Ice and Fresh Fries were there.
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Red beans and sausage over rice from Ragin Cajun

Raspberry cupcake from Morsel's Bakery Truck