Oct 9, 2010

Fullerton: Oh for sweet sake, Dan Dan

The Ducks were in Nashville so we stayed home to watch them lose 4-1. After the game, we went to the Bootleggers for dinner, and DanDan BBQ and Oh For Sweet Sake were there.

Korean rib sliders

Korean BBQ rib taco topped with pickled cabbage

Tofu tacos with pickled cabbage

Asian pear salad

Cup cakes from Oh For Sweets Sake!

Long Beach Street Food Festival @ Rainbow Lagoon Park

There was a big gourmet truck gathering at the Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach. Over 20 trucks were there, with admission $6 for pre-sale, $8 cash at the door.  The proceeds were going to Long Beach City schools.

Nom Nom truck had one of the longest line!

Click here to see if you cannot see the video above
 (courtesy of @mreynoso)

Jennifer and Misa from Nom Nom

Pork Banh Mi sandwich from Nom Nom

A chili w/ grilled onion hot dog from Greasy Wieners

Korean meatball from Great Balls on Tire
Bollywood  from Great Balls on Tires
The "All American" from Yatti Truck
Grilled beef with cheese wrapped in  tempura

BBQ wings from Nana Queens

Mild wings from Nana Queens

Tacos from Kabob Express

Oct 8, 2010

Yorba Linda: White Rabbit

The White Rabbit posted they were going to be in Yorba Linda/ Placentia today.  After work, I had Karen meet me at the Wells Fargo on Rose Street, and we found the truck waiting, without a line!  We thought for sure there would be people waiting, but earlier there was a mix up on the address, and I wonder if that was the reason there was no line. The original address was still on their web site, and you had to read the latest tweet to find out the new location.

White Chocolate Champarado

Wow, 15 minutes til opening and no line?
Three tacos from White Rabbit:
Pork Sisig, Chicken Adobo, Beef

Chicken adobo rice bowl

Santa Ana: Piaggio on wheels, Tropical Shave Ice

The REI in Santa Ana (off the 5/ 55 freeways & McFadden) is having a big sale, and also parked there was Piaggio and Tropical Shave Ice.  It was also such a nice day that Anna and I had to stop by for lunch.

The Tres Amigos burrito
Shrimp, pulled pork and steak with rice, cheese, and other goodies.
Pulled pork sliders w/ chimichurri

Rick serving up my melona-vanilla shave ice

Oct 7, 2010

Anaheim: (Farmer's Market) Oh For Sweets Sake

After work I went to get my hair cut, and told Martin to fend for himself.  He went to the Anaheim's Farmers Market and got sliders from Shortstop BBQ, and stopped at Oh For Sweets Sake.  OFSS was selling homemade chicken soup, and had tweeted me earlier she would save me a bowl.  My appointment was too far, so I told her I would not make it.  Lucky for me, Martin was able to bring home a bowl with a piece of sweet bread.

Chicken noodle soup with chunks of vegetables
by Oh For Sweets Sake

Costa Mesa: (OC Fairgrounds) Barcelona ontheGo, Morsels Bakery Truck, Piaggio on Wheels

I can't believe that today is all sunny and gorgeous, compared to yesterday's dreary and wet day.  I went to the OC Fairgrounds with my coworker Sheila and got food from Barcelona ontheGo, Morsel's Bakery Truck, and Piaggio on Wheels.

Lentil soup with ham and arugula... perfect for a cool day!

Chicken empendada from Barcelona ontheGo
I also had an empenada from Piaggio on Wheels, but it looked the same
Banana cream puff from Morsel's Bakery Truck

Oct 6, 2010

Irvine: Lime Truck

It was raining all day today, and most of the Gourmet Food Trucks took the day off.  The Lime Truck and Dos Chinos stepped up and serviced the people for lunch and dinner.  Tonight, they went to the Atomic Ballroom, even though the "OC DinDin a Go-Go" was officially cancelled.  In addition Short Stop BBQ came for dinner.

Martin had dinner at Dos Chinos and Short Stop, while Karen and I had dinner at The Lime Truck.  I really wanted Lime's Grilled Mac & Cheese sandwich, but when I got to the front, they sold out.  Lucky @Lesliepinoc was one of the lucky ones....

The rain cleared, and the foodies came out hungry!
Thank you Lime Truck, Dos Chinos, and Shortstop BBQ for feeding us
@LesliepinOC's grilled mac and cheese sandwich from Lime Truck
Pork cheek quesadilla from Lime Truck
Kobe beef sliders with chimichurri sauce and onions from Lime Truck

Santa Ana: Crepes Bonaparte

THANK YOU to Crepes Bonaparte for coming to Santa Ana to help with the United Way Kick Off rally.  Even though it was pouring rain, the people came out for the food.  It wasn't a spectacular turnout, but considering the circumstances, I think we did pretty well!


Rain or Shine, Crepes Bonapare serves up the people!

Oct 5, 2010

Santa Ana: Short Stop BBQ

A new gourmet truck launched and I caught up with Short Stop BBQ in Santa Ana's Artist Village.  The truck has not been wrapped yet, so while I was waiting in the cold rain, a kept seeing a bland white truck go up and down Sycamore and 3rd street. 

Finally I flagged the truck down and asked (Andrew) "Are you the Barbecue truck"?  It was!

Tri Tip Slider with bleu cheese slaw 

BBQ Chicken slider
Pulled Pork Slider with BBQ Vinaigrette slaw, pickled red onions

Santa Ana: Crepes Bonaparte, Dos Chinos

Its a bit wet out today, and there's a Health Fair going on down the street from my office.  Crepes Bonaparte has a monthly stop at my office the first Tuesday of each month, and was supposed to park in front of my work. 

With the Health Fair, and the lack of foot traffic, they decided to try 3rd and Sycamore with Dos Chinos.  As much as I like seeing them in front of my office, the location on 3rd seem to be better.

Tomato pesto crepe

Nothing stops a foodie from getting food... not even the rain!

Shrimp tacos from Dos Chinos
Filet Mignon tacos from Dos Chinos

Oct 3, 2010

Anaheim: (at Honda Center) Barcelona on the go

Its the last preseason game, and the Ducks will open the season on the road in Detroit.

Its also the second gourmet lunch truck at Deck-B Parking before we find out if they'll be able to serve the fans for the regular season.

The obstacle may not be Deck-B Parking, but the Honda Center.  Honda Center came out with cameras taking pictures of the truck (we are not sure why).  Many of us foodies are assuming Honda Center thinks the GFT's are stealing potential food business.  Or, maybe Honda Center thinks its a great idea?! We do not know.

What we DO know is... Deck-B is an independent lot, but its a matter of David versus Goliath when it comes to Honda Center.  Deck-B has nothing to gain by getting Honda Center upset, so let us see if things can get worked out before the home opener which is on Wednesday, October 13 against Vancouver... fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, fans seem to enjoy the food...

Barcelona onthego with the Honda Center in the background
My favorite Steak and garlic fries
Spanish Grilled Cheese
Top sirloin tacos
Catalan pork sausage sandwich