Oct 2, 2010

Santa Ana: (Libreria Martinez) Oh For Sweets Sake!

The Oh For Sweets Sake truck and Dos Chinos were going to be in DT Santa Ana.  They were trying for their "usual" spot on 3rd and Sycamore, but the parking lot attendant decided to be a jerk and charge them $30 to park. When they hesitated, the parking attendant hiked it to $100.

I stood there watching the 2 poor trucks circle and circle the downtown area, looking for a spot. It was the first Saturday of the month, and Downtown Santa Ana was crowded with people coming in for "Santa Ana Art Walk"

 Dos Chinos took off down Main Street, and Oh For Sweets Sake found a spot on Broadway and 3rd, in front of Libreria Martinez, a latin bookstore. 

At first the bookstore frowned upon the OFSS truck parked in front of their store, saying the truck would block their store. Little did we know it was a grand opening, and they feared their loyal customers would not find the new location.

Well, a win-win compromise solution came about.  OFSS assured Mr. Martinez that the truck will "draw" customers because of twitter and facebook.  In addition if the customers go to the bookstore and buy something, they can show OFSS their receipt and get $1 off their savory order.  That way, truck traffic would bring customers into the bookstore, and bookstore customers can get a discount for buying a book... everyone wins!

Thank you to Mr. Martinez and his family for allowing OFSS share the evening, and I hope your Grand Opening Night was a success!  Muchas Gracias por todo!

Libreria Martinez bookstore is located on 216 N, Broadway in Santa Ana
Next door to Subway Sandwich, on the corner of 3rd and Broadway

OFSS Soul Food Saturday: Mac n Cheese w. corn bread
OFSS Soul Food Saturday Fried Chicken
And you always save room for a OFSS Cupcake!

Oct 1, 2010

Anaheim: (at Honda Center) Piaggio on Wheels

I am very excited that today a gourmet food truck will be across from the Honda Center before the Ducks game.  Today, Piaggio on Wheels will be serving the fans, and on Sunday, Barcelona onthego will be there.  The truck will be parked off Douglass Road, the parking lot facing the 57 freeway. 

If the fans give good feedback to the gourmet truck, the Deck-B parking lot will allow the gourmet trucks to participate at all the regular season games.

Piaggio on wheels with Honda Center as the backdrop
Fish taco with pink sauce
Tofu & Zucchini over chimi rice & pink sauce
Pulled pork sliders in a sweet hawaiian bun
Skirt steak and zuchinni with chimichurri sauce over rice

Sep 30, 2010

Irvine/ Costa Mesa: Louks to go, Flying Pig

My normal lunch buddies were out of the office today, so I had to fend for myself.  I needed a hearty lunch since I was going to the Anaheim Ducks "Fan Fest", a season ticket holder event tonight.  The only meal I would get for dinner would be a crappy hot dog and a pepsi. 

I noticed that Louks to Go was closeby on Redhill.  I also noticed  Piaggio on Wheels, Calbi, and Dos Chinos were at the OC Fairgrounds.  Originally I thought the OC Fairground was too far to drive.  Well, technically it is...

I called Sheila, another coworker to do a "quick" trip to Louks. Lucky for us, the traffic gods kept the roads clear.  We arrived in 10 minutes, and there was no line at Louks! 
Louks to Go: Greek food truck

Chicken skewer & Grape leaves
over fries & pita topped with tzatziki and oregano

Chicken and Beef Skewer over fries, served with side of tzatziki and lemon

We received our order in a few minutes, and heading down Bristol, I noticed a sign that said "Fair Grounds".  Wow, the OC Fairgrounds were that close? We made a quick left, then a right, and ended up at the Costa Mesa Farmer's Market!

Resident trucks Piaggio on Wheels and Calbi were there. Dos Chinos and Morsels couldn't make it but there were a few new guest trucks: Dogzilla (which I had last night), Flying Pig, ChunknChip and KonaIce.  I decided to try Flying Pig since its a rare OC appearance...

Flying Pig Truck: Asian & Pacific Rim flavors w/ french technique
Sliders: beef & pork blend with red onion escabeche,
pickled sesame cucumber, banana mustard on a toasted sweet hawaiian bun
Tamarind Duck taco: Duck confit with pickled red beets, toasted almonds,
 radish sprouts,  mandarin orange, and tamarind gravy

Sep 29, 2010

Irvine: (OC DinDinaGoGo) Lomo Arigato, Dogzilla, Tropical Shave Ice

Today was a very busy evening. After work, I went to the Orange County Register (newspaper) for an intimate "meet and greet" with (my favorite) Anaheim Ducks player, Bobby Ryan. I attached a brief video of the event.. I hope you can hear it!

The event started promptly at 6 pm, and lucky for me, it only lasted a half hour.   After the event, I took 4 of my hockey friends to join me, Martin and Karen to the OC Din Din a Go Go, at the new home at Atomic Ballroom. It was their first time at a truck gathering so I suggested Lomo Arigato.

Tallarin Saltado by Lomo Arigato
Peruvian style spaghetti

Lomo Saltado by Lomo Arigato
Meats, onions, tomatoes, seasoning tossed in french fries
 Dogzilla "not your typical wiener" Japanese truck

The Dogzilla
Beef hotdog w/ avocado, bacon bits, grilled onions,
furikake, mayo and teri sauce in a soft kings hawaiian bun

Dessert with a smile by Tropical Shave Ice

Irvine: Barcelona on the Go, Oh For Sweets Sake, Tropical Shave Ice

I try not to be a creature of habit because (as the cliche goes) variety is the spice of life.  Still, there's something about consistency which makes things feel all nice, warm and fuzzy.  On Wednesdays, I look forward in making a drive to Irvine for two reasons: 1) I get to eat a fantastic lunch as some of OC's best gourmet trucks, and 2) I get to see my sister for all but 10-15 minutes. 

Today, I decided to leave work a wee early and dine al fresco with my sister.  Dining al fresco means hauling some folding chairs and a tv tray table out of my truck, and plopping it in front of a tree.

My lunch today was from Barcelona onthego, who was celebrating "Restaurant Week".  He was promoting a 3 course meal for $15. Sure it sounds a bit pricey, but look at the food!  I ended up taking my dessert back to work because I had to have my treat from Oh For Sweets Sake!

My sister admiring her POG from Tropical Shave Ice

Barcelona on the go's Restaurant Week menu
Course 1: Bacon wrapped dates
Course 2: Steak (ordered rare) with chimichuri sauce over fries

Course 3: Dessert!  Churros covered with chocolate

Afternoon treat: 7-up bundt cake from Oh For Sweets Sake

Sep 28, 2010

Fullerton: Tropical Shave Ice

After dining al fresco in Santa Ana, we made our way to Fullerton to end our evening with Tropical Shave Ice.  When we arrived, the line was very long... but worth the time!

Regular shave ice: $3.00,
Wait time: 15 minutes. 
Enjoying a shave ice on a humid day: priceless

Watermelon, Vanilla shave ice
topped with sweet red bean and condensed milk

Santa Ana: Piaggio on Wheels, Dos Chinos

In the last 48 hours, there's been a big confusion (not to mention worry) about the future of OC Din-Din a Go Go.  This made me want to savor a gourmet truck in case there was no chance of finding something tomorrow.  After work, we made our way to Santa Ana to have dinner with Piaggio on Wheels and Dos Chinos.

Pork Bellies with a mango chile sauce over rice
Steak pichanta with zucchini over rice
Tofu and zucchini over rice

OC DinDinAGoGo: K1 location= Cancelled!

Wow, the world of gourmet trucks have grown so fast, that we actually outgrew ourselves!  I found this tweet from Tropical Shave Ice that the OC DinDin a Go-Go got canceled.  We (the foodies) are not sure if it is due to the crowds or K1 got complaints from the property management, or we were not giving K1 customers a place to park.

Right now Tropical Shave Ice and Lomo Arigato are looking for a new place to call Wednesdays "home", and that will involved a place that can accommodate lunch trucks, lots of foodies, and parking!  Good luck!

Screenshot from @TropShaveIce

Sep 26, 2010

Irvine: Morsels Bakery Truck

After we ate our food from the Abbot-Kinney Street fest, we noticed the Morsel's Bakery Truck was at the "Guns and Hoses" fundraiser at the Irvine Auto Square.  We hopped on the 405 freeway and made our way south.

The event was breaking up, so we took our Strawberry & Banana cream puff to go.  We found a Starbucks in Lake Forest and enjoyed our dessert with a glass of iced tea.

Slightly melted from the heatwave...
Strawberry & Banana cream puff

Venice: (Abbott Kinney Street Fest) Ludo Truck, Grilled Cheese Truck, DosaTruck, VizziTruck

Normally on Sundays, there are not many trucks roaming around LA or Orange County. Today, there was a plethora of trucks.... Tropical Shave Ice tweeted that there was a bunch of trucks at the LA Flea Market at Dodgers Stadium.  Nom Nom tweeted they were going to be at the Abbot-Kinney Street fest in Venice.  The Lime Truck was serving up lunch at the Bruery in Fullerton.  As I mentioned, finding food truck is feast or famine... today it was a feast!

I talked Martin and Karen into going to Venice.  There were a bunch of trucks I wanted to try, and I've been to Lime Truck many times.  I wanted to do the LA Flea Market but there were more truck in Venice which lured me.

We arrived in Venice roughly at 11:30 to find Abbot-Kinney blocked off.  I tried circling the block and was even tempted to pay $20 for parking.  Finally I asked Martin to let me and Karen out to get food, and then he could pick us up when we were done.

Ludo Truck: fried chicken
Provencal Pepitte
Boneless chicken balls, infused with rosemary and herbs

The Grilled Cheese Truck
Cheesy Mac
Macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar
Dosa Truck (southern indian cuisine)
Not actual photo: For some reason my picture did not turn out.
I ordered: The Slumdog  which is Indian "Pesto" rubbed inside the DOSA
with Paneer, Fresh Spinach and Masala Dosa Potatoes
A "Dosa"is a south indian type of crepe. 

Vizzi Truck
Statham Spaghetti by Vizzitruck
Garlic cream & blackforest ham reduction