Sep 18, 2010

Santa Ana: (Santiago Art Walk) Oh for Sweets Sake, Uncle Lau's BBQ, Komodo

There was a food truck gathering at the Santiago Art Walk in Santa Ana.  Piaggio on Wheels, Tropica. Shave Ice, Oh For Sweets Sake, Uncle Lau's BBQ and Komodo were in attendance. 

Tonight was also Oh For Sweets Sake's debut of their "Saturday Night Soul Food" savory menu: Fried chicken, Mac n Cheese, Shrimp Poor Boy & Fries, and Pulled Pork sliders.

Oh For Sweets Sake debut the Saturday Soul Food menu

Karen ordered the Mac n Cheese
Came with corn bread muffin & fruit
2 pc of fried chicken, mac & cheese
corn bread muffin & fruit
The OFSS "Twinkie" filled with raspberry instead of cream

We also tried some other trucks...

Komodo Truck (photo courtesy of Orangcountygal)

Pork Meatballs topped with Spanish Red Bell Pepper Sauce
(photo courtsy of orangecountygal)
Uncle Lau's Island BBQ
Uncle Lau's bbq brisket

Fountain Valley... was a bust!

The past week @Anhjoola was promoting a big event at the FVOpenAirMarket.  From 8:00-2:00 at the Fountain Valley Open Air Market off Brookhurst and Heil, the big "OC trucks" were supposed to be there... CrepesBonaparte, theLimeTruck, Brcelonaonthego, Piaggioonwheels, DanDanBBQ.

After tweeting and asking other foodies who was confirmed, theLimeTruck tweeted they were never confirmed, nor were they planning on attending since they're off on Saturdays.

I checked the schedule of CrepesBonaparte and Brcelonaonthego, and they did not post a confirmation either.  Then, on Friday anhjoola tweeted they were unable to attend because they didn't get an OC permit. 

Piaggioonwheels tweeted only they were confirmed, and possibly DanDanbbq.  Since I really wanted to support this new location, I decided to attend.

I arrived today at 10:30 am to find this tiny portion marked "Open Air Market". It was a near empty lot containing a few tents with merchants selling "flea market" things like shoes, scarves and knick knacks.  It was very depressing. It looked more like a yard sale than an "open air market" with real vendors. The only truck parked in the lot was DanDanBBQ (and they didn't even tweet they would be there!)

We did not see Piaggioonwheels, so I called and left a message.  We circled the lot, thinking maybe they were parked somewhere else. 

I sent Martin to ask DanDanbbq to find out what is going on. DanDanBBQ made it sound like Piaggioonwheels left because they were not enough customers.  Well, I would not blame them, as it was very depressing, and not at all as it was hyped up to be.

FVOpenairmarket never promoted it, yet they posted on their website 15 vendors were going to be there... a "big event".  What a joke!

I also blame AnhjooLA as they tweeted things which were never confirmed, and never retracted the trucks were not confirmed.

As for me, it was a waste of my time, and my morning. 

In a few hours, I'll be heading to Santa Ana and see if I'm more successful for dinner.
Supposedly these trucks will be at the Santiago Walk: piaggioonwheels, unclelausbbq, ohforsweetssake (debut of a new savory menu!), and tropshaveice.

If you have no plans, come down and join me...
709 N Poinsettia St. Santa Ana in the Santiago Art District
(off the 5 freeway... near Santa Ana Blvd / Grand Ave)

Sep 17, 2010

Irvine: Piaggio on Wheels (at Blackmarket Bakery)

It seems that lately I have to make a sacrifice in order to eat at my favorite truck. Today, Anna and I took Corey "all the way" to Irvine to get lunch. 

Nestled in one of the obscure office parks off Redhill Drive & Skypark is a place called Blackmarket Bakery.  You would never know from the outside that this place sold food. They make the most amazing cakes, cookies, and pastries. They also make a pasta with wine! Truth be known, I don't get any of those items but their Sunflower & Almond Brittle! 

In the past, Piaggio on Wheels would make this location his Friday afternoon stop.  Then, on August 13th, Piaggio invited a few other gourmet trucks. The property management company put their foot down and placed a temporary stop to visiting trucks. 

Thanks to the efforts of Blackmarket Bakery, they convinced the managment company to allow a guest truck to visit occassionally.  Now, a month later, Piaggio is back at Blackmarket, and all is right in The OC.

Today's lunch special:
Peppercorn picanha (steak) over garlic mashed potatoes from Piaggio

Piaggio's tofu tacos with the "pink" sauce, chimmichuri sauce,
served over chimi rice and grilled zucchinis

The Almond-Sunflower brittle from Blackmarket Bakery
This item is vegan, as they use pure cane sugar instead of butter

It's that time of the year!
Pumpkin Spice Woopie pie from Blackmarket Bakery 

Sep 16, 2010

Irvine: Great Balls on Tire, Lee's Philly, Barcelona ontheGo, King Kone

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Irvine is not close to me... but when Barcelona on the Go tweeted there were a few new trucks coming to The OC, I had to reconsider my lunch plans. 

The tweet said to go to Teller and Michelson, so I assumed it was the lot across from Allergan.  I was wrong.. they really meant the corner of Teller AND Michelson!  Apparently, it was a joint effort to promote commercial and residential real estate on the vacant property.  The property management people had tables and chairs not just for eating, but to discuss being a tenant.  I wonder if anyone actually took brochures on the property?

Anyhoo, the new trucks were Great Balls on Tire, Lee's Philly, and King Kone, a soft serve ice cream truck that also serves shave ice and milkshakes.

New truck: Lee's Philly
They make the classic Philly Cheesesteaks, as well as
Kogi (Korean rib) and other cheesesteaks

Classic Philly Cheesesteak w/grilled onions from Lee's Philly
Great Balls of Tire
They make various meatball sliders
The Ciao Bella by Great Balls on Tire
Veal, pork, pancetta marinara w/ shaved parmesean

While waiting in line for my bacon wrapped dates from Barcelona on the Go, my sister called to check on the lines.  She brought her lunch to work, so the only thing she wanted was ice cream, so I told her I would get one and drop it off her work.

As I was in line, the gals in front of me ordered this milkshake, and I had to take a picture!

Espresso mocha milkshake from King Kone
My sister's vanilla ice cream in a cup with peanuts.
I cannot believe they did not have lids for the peeps who want it "to go"

Sep 15, 2010

A view of OC Din-Din A Go-Go

Were you at the OC Din-Din a Go-Go?  If so, see if you can find yourself in this YouTube video! If you have never been to a food truck gathering, this is what one looks like.

If you have a slow connection, give it a few seconds to load and play.

If you cannot see the image, click here

Irvine: (OC DinDinaGoGo) White Rabbit, Morsels Bakery Truck, & Tropical Shave Ice

This week's OC DinDin a GoGo tweeted the best line up ever:
The "resident" trucks Lomo Arigato, Tropical Shave Ice, Dos Chinos and Piaggio on Wheels were joined by The Lime Truck, Louks, White Rabbit, and a new truck Morsels Bakery (@bakerytruck).  A total of 8 trucks of were serving up food.  I say 8 (and not 9) because we never did see Louks, so I think they were a no-show.

Well, you could say "unofficial" OCDDAGG truck Kogi BBQ came to make it #9.

So, Martin picked me up from work, and we arrived at K1 about 5:45.  There was already a huge line at the White Rabbit.. about 3x's a longer than everyone else. Lucky for us, Karen got there early and was about 5th in line, so we joined her.  The line for the White Rabbit was not just long.. it was snaking past the other trucks! Not even the popular Lime Truck or Kogi BBQ's had a line as long. 

So, here is the White Rabbit...

The lineup of the food trucks waiting to open...
and the hungry foodies waiting on the side!
White Rabbit: Filipino Fusion Truck
White Rabbit's frequent card (a punch with min purchase of $9)
Combo D= entree, side + drink
Chicken Adobo with rice, and pork lumpia (includes a soda) for $9.00

Look at the hungry foodies waiting in line!

After dinner there's dessert...

New truck in town: Morsel's Bakery Truck
They sell cupcakes, eclairs, cream puffs, and dessert shots

Strawberry Cream Puff
The bottom was lined with strawberries and custard
Dessert shots from The Morsel's Bakery Truck
Chocoate brownie (left) and Cheesecake
German Chocolate cupcake

Of course I could not end my evening without my favorite...

Tropical Shave Ice
Rick says he puts "aloha' in his shave ice
I say its shave crack!

Irvine: Barcelona on the Go, Lime Truck, DanDanBBQ Truck

As a government slave, we are entitled to have a lunch break.  I guess I should be happy that I get an hour to eat, versus some school districts who gives their slaves only a half hour.  The only bad part of an hour is if a food truck is in say, Irvine, and I'm in say, Santa Ana, its hard to dine and dash.  Lucky for me, my sister works across the street from where the OC Truck Summit gathers regularly on Wednesday afternoons at Teller & Michelson. 

I saw that The Lime Truck was having their Autumn Maple Pork Flat Iron, and they were going to be not only at the Teller location but at the K1 location later tonight. Hmm, should I chance it that they'll still have food available at 5:30 pm?  Nah! Lime Truck is very popular and I did not want to risk missing out.  So, I sent a text message to my sister begging her to order me the pork, and I made my way to Irvine.

Fifteen minutes later, I arrived to find a crowd at all the trucks.  My sister had food in her hand.. and if I were smart, I should have just paid her and head back to work.  Of course, I am not that smart, and I wandered around checking out the other trucks. I  ended up getting my bacon wrapped dates and Paella croquettes from Barcelona on the Go.. which ended up costing me $8, plus 10 minutes of wait time (maybe a wee bit longer).  Lucky I got back to work at a decent time (took an hour and 10 min lunch) and gorged out in the privacy of my office.

Now, I hope I have enough room in my hollow leg for dinner tonight! I must save room for White Rabbit Truck and, of course, my Tropical shave ice!

The purpose of my trip:
Lime Truck's pork flat iron over mashed red potatoes
Repaying my sister for getting my food by splitting an order of
Paella Croquettes & the Bacon Wrapped Dates from Barcelona Onthego
My sister's coworker ordered the Tofu lettuce wrap from DanDanBBQ
My sister's Spicy Pork Taco (left) and Korean Short Rib Taco from DanDan

Sep 14, 2010

Santa Ana: Piaggio on Wheels & Oh For Sweets Sake!

I was thinking about dinner when I received a "direct message" tweet from Oh For Sweets Sake, telling me that they made me a special bundt cake.  They were going to be in downtown Santa Ana on 3rd & Sycamore, about 3 blocks from my work.  I also found out that Dos Chinos was (still) there, as well as Calbi BBQ and SeaBirds. 

Those trucks didn't tempt me but when Piaggio on Wheels posted THEY were going to be there, I decided dinner with Piaggio...

Grilled tilapia and zuchinni over chimichurri rice
Grilled skirt steak w/ zucchini over chimichurri rice

... and dessert with Oh for Sweets Sake!

Something for every sweet tooth...
my specially made 7-up bundt cake
Light, lemony cake sans frosting

Santa Ana: Dos Chinos

It seems in the foodie truck world, our choices are feast or fail.  Last night few trucks were on the road (well, it was Monday!) and today there were a wide variety to pick from.  Barcelona on the go was off Main & Jamboree, Piaggio was a bit further south in Irvine, but Dos Chinos and CalbiBBQ were in Santa Ana.

I tried to send a text message to place my favorite order: pork bellies over rice, and texted that I would be there a little after 12:00.  Well, it is now 1 pm and I just got back. I know the food it made to order, but somehow the boys at DC needs to step up their game.  (shhh! Don't tell them I said that, as I'll continue to support them).  I went with a coworker who was a DC newbie, and she ordered the pork bellies and the Hollywood Taco: a thai curry chicken with a tamarind sour cream sauce.

My pork bellies with mango salsa over rice.
This time the pork belly was sliced, not chopped up.
The Hollywood Taco

Sep 13, 2010

Congratulations, Piaggio on Wheels!

Congratulations to my friends Coli and Rosann from Piaggio On Wheels for the best food truck award on!

No food truck for lunch OR dinner??

Since I started blogging on September 1st, I went 6 days before I missed eating at a truck.  Well today I miss another day.

I did not go to a food truck for lunch or dinner today.  There were no trucks in my neck of the woods for dinner, and I had errands to run at lunch.  Needless to say, my pseudo 13 day streak of eating at a truck has been broken. 

When I came home, Martin and I joked that it felt weird not going to a truck. Well, lucky tomorrow is a new day, and if we miss tomorrow, we know where we'll be on Wednesday!

Happy 6th Birthday to my dog, Lulu!

Sep 12, 2010

Fullerton: The Lime Truck

On Sundays, most food trucks take the day off. Lucky for me, The Lime Truck tweeted they were at the Bruery today, and they had... fried chicken!  I went down to pick up some lunch, and met up with Karen and Orangecountygal.  Here is what I got...
Lime Truck at the Bruery in Fullerton.. too bad I don't drink beer :(
Kendra's filthy red head brisket
Barbecue brisket with slaw on top
Pork loin with apples over mashed potatoes
Fried chicken breast coated with Honey Bunches of Oats & Almonds
Flavorful but a little dry :(