Sep 4, 2010

Santa Ana: Tropical Shave Ice & Oh For Sweets Sakes

I thought this was going to be a quiet evening until I looked at twitter (darn twitter!) and saw that a few trucks were in downtown Santa Ana tonight.  I quickly changed out of my pajamas (don't laugh, it was only 7pm) and drove down with my friend Karen.

Martin got a crepe from Crepes Bonaparte, Karen and I got shave ice, and then we went to the Oh For Sweets Sakes for a 6-pack of cupcakes.

My small vanilla with red beans and condense milk shave ice.
various cupcakes from Oh For Sweets Sakes.
From the top, going from left to right:
Birthday cake, Chocolate Mint, Lemon
Lemon drop no frosting, Raspberry, and 50/50 (Orange/vanilla)

Rosemead: Get Shaved

We started off our day at the Orange International Food Fair and I noticed on twitter that GetShaved was going to be in Rosemead at 2:00, and Diamond Bar at 6:00. 

I was originally planning on going to Diamond Bar, but at the last minute, we decided to drive 40 minutes to Rosemead! We scanned the streets, expecting a big truck, but found instead a food.. van?

So which is better? Tropical Shave Ice or Get Shaved?  You'll have to chase the trucks and find out for yourself... 

Get Shaved... um, van?
Pineapple with red bean and condensed milk (left) and
Blue Vanilla with red bean and condensed milk. Total for both $6
Very tasty, refreshing but smaller than @TropShaveIce (for the same price)

Sep 3, 2010

Fullerton: Piaggio on Wheels

I told my husband that i was stuffed from my Dos Chinos lunch, so he suggested dinner at Piaggio on Wheels. (I hope you see the irony in that sentence)

They were parked at the Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton, so really, how could I say no? I met my husband at the Brewey and found him inhaling his meal.  I wish I took a picture of my husband's steak... it was a steak picanha (Brazilian choice steak cut with peppercorn cream sauce).. It was so heavenly and he devoured it before I could say "hey, blog it!"

Since I was not hungry enough for steak, here is what I had... my very light meal:

Fresh coconut to drink. You pick it, Coli will open it!

My light dinner: Caprese empenada (light flaky shell filled with mozzarella, basil and tomatos)

Churros with caramel (dulce de leche) for dessert

Santa Ana: Dos Chinos

Dos Chinos tweeted they were going to be on 3rd Avenue and Broadway for lunch. That location was just a few blocks from my office.  I rounded up some coworkers and went.  Unfortunately they were running late. Instead of showing up at 11:30, the truck didn't arrive until noon. Plus the food was cooked to order, so we did not get our food until 12:20.  Our hour lunch ended up being 2 hours! YIKES!

The Garden Grove taco: BBQ Rib, korean style
The taco was missing some... kick.

Vietnamese Pork bellies over rice and fries.
This lunch special was only $7 and I was FULL!

Sep 2, 2010

Vancouver: JapaDog

While on summer vacation, we stopped at JapaDog, a cart located in downtown Vancouver.  While its not quite a food truck, it definitely is a creative way to make a hot dog taste yummy! 

An original JapaDog: The Terimayo with seaweed shavings, teri sauce, mayo
Friendly staff, braving the elements to create a tasty dog!
When in Vancouver, you got to try one!
Multiple locations to serve you (all but 1 are food carts)

Anaheim Farmer's Market: The Lime Truck

The Lime Truck made a special appearance at the Farmer's Market.  The first two times I had LT, I had the ceviche which was so delish!  I was not impressed with the two grilled items, which made me sad.  I guess I need to stick with the fresh items, or seafood items. I heard the fried chicken is delish, so that's a must try for me.

Pulled pork with smoked gouda cheese panini
A little dry, and a bread was a bit greasy.

Tofu & Kimchi taco (yes its tofu, not potatoes)
Not impressed

Anaheim Farmer's Market: Crepes Bonaparte

I went to the Farmer's Market to get food from the Lime Truck, but my friend wanted me to pick up a Le Classique: Banana, Strawberry, Nutella with Whipped Creme crepe for him.  I did not take a picture of his crepe as it was hot out, and it was melting!!

Find the Crepes Bonaparte truck at the Anaheim Farmers Market every Thursday!

OC DinDinAGoGo: White Rabbit & LomoArigato

On September 1, 2010, six trucks were at the K1 Racing Speedway for dinner, and nicknamed the event "Din Din A Go Go". 

Piaggio on Wheels, Dos Chinos, Crepes Bonaparte, Tropical Shave Ice, White Rabbit, and LomoArigato were there.  (Are the names sounding familar now?)  The event was from 5:30-9 pm, and Kogi BBQ pulled up at the end of the parking lot, drawing just a little attention.

It was on this day that I decided to blog about my truck findings, so I only took one picture... the rare OC appearance by White Rabbit, a Filipino-fusion truck and LomoArigato's menu. 

My hubby and friend are first in line at White Rabbit

Top 3 entrees: $7.00

OC Truck Summit: Lime Truck, SeaBird Truck, Oh For Sweets Sake!

On Wednesdays, trucks are now converging to Irvine at Teller and Michelson for the "OC Truck Summit".  On this day, Barcelona on the Go, The Lime Truck, Piaggio on Wheels, Crepes Bonaparte, Oh For Sweets Sake! cupcakes, SeaBirds Truck, Dos Chinos and DanDanBBQ were at this gathering.  I met my sister for lunch (as she works across the street) and we shared a few items

Crab Ceviche w/ tortilla chips by Lime Truck
Very refreshing!

Ultimate Taco by Lime Truck
Jack fruit taco (left) and Avocado taco by SeaBirds truck
A little salty
Raspberry w/ creme cheese, Red Velvet, and Almond Joy cupcakes by Oh For Sweets Sake!
I got this for my friends, who loved it

Fullerton: Tropical Shave Ice

After Kogi, we went to downtown Fullerton to find the Tropical Shave Ice truck. They were officially closed (they had to get to Irvine) but were nice and let us place our 2 orders!

Tropical Shave Ice

Back at the Original: Kogi BBQ

Still a line for Kogi (view from my car)
After Foodie Fest, I thought about the one who started it all: Kogi BBQ.  I found out they were going to be in Fullerton on August 31, so after work we went searching for dinner. 
Chicken taco (left), and the Korean rib taco
Tasty as always

KimChi with short rib quesadilla
Martin said it was spicy

Sep 1, 2010

OC Foodie Fest: Nom Nom Truck

Nom Nom truck specializes in Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches

OC Foodie Fest: Slice Truck

A rare OC appearance by the Slice Truck, who hangs out a USC.
A slice of cheese was $3 and it took up the paper plate. It was a thin crust, hand tossed pizza, and was very delish!  I would drive to USC for a slice!!

OC Foodie Fest: Oh For Sweet Sakes

Red Velvet Cupcake by Oh For Sweets Sake

OC Foodie Fest: Komodo


Pork Meatballs topped with Spanish Red Bell Pepper Sauce
Delish but had a kick after you bit into it

OC Foodie Fest: The Lime Truck

Seafood Ceviche and Pleu Limeaid by the Lime Truck
Ceviche was delish, Limeaid a bit too tart for my taste

The Lime Truck

OC Foodie Fest: The Dumpling Station

Chicken and Leak, Beef and Leak dumplings
The chicken was much better and juicier.

The Dumpling Station

OC Foodie Fest: The Shrimp Guys

On August 28 the Orange County Register sponsored a huge gourmet truck event at the Honda Center.   49 trucks were parked, 8500+ people attended. The sun was blazing, food was being served, and people were waiting as long as an hour for truck food!

I was lucky and got the VIP package, so for the first 1/2 hour I had only 500 people to compete for 49 trucks. In addition, VIP's had samples to taste (I am sure the food was also on the normal truck menu), free water and snacks like PopChips and Kind Bars.

The Shrimp Guys
The Garlic Shrimp Plate is.. garlickY!

Summer 2010: Piaggio, SeaBird, Dos Chinos, Tropical Shave Ice

During the summer my friends and I would dine at the trucks around Orange County, particularly eating Piaggio on Wheels and Crepes Bonaparte. 

In August 2010 new trucks started popping up.
Here we are at the Blackmarket Bakery with a few trucks...

Piaggio on Wheels

Pulled pork with chimichurri rice from Piaggio

My friend Anna getting food at the Seabird Truck

New truck Dos Chinos: Rib Eye over Garlic Fries
The fries are very garlicy, the meat was tasty

Tropical Shave Ice
LOVED the condensed milk they pour on it.

Crepes Bonaparte

Since Piaggio, our other favorite gourmet truck has been Crepes Bonaparte. 
They were always at the Anaheim Farmer's Market every Thursday before launching their truck "Gaston".  I don't recall when the truck was launched but here is the picture of a crepe being made in front of you

March 2010: Piaggio on Wheels menu

Here is Piaggio's revised menu in March 2010

January 8, 2010: Piaggio On Wheels

Months have passed, and trucks in Orange County were rare to find.  The OC Register posted a article saying 3 trucks were launching exclusively for the OC: Piaggio on Wheels, Louks, and Brooklyn Boys.

Piaggio was an Argentine truck, and were trying to find their niche in Fullerton.  One night they were parked off Commonwealth and Harbor, and it was so sad to see no one ordering any food. My husband and I did, and we were hooked on their empenadas and the chimmichurri sauce!

May 2009 = Kogi Bbq: the one that started it all

In May, 2009, I was watching the news and this new "truck" called KogiBBQ was using a new social network called "Twitter" to reach out to his customers about the location on where his trucks "verde" and "roja" will be on various nights. People were flocking from all over town for a bite, and lines were as long as 2 or 3 hours!

These trucks were only available in LA, and I live in Orange County, a good 45-minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. In addition, Kogi was getting chased by the police, getting cited for parking illegally, and business were complaining their customers were not able to find parking due to Kogi's truck customers.

Eventually I did taste Kogi and found the food to be delicious. I got my husband into eating truck food, then my friends and even my sister. For the same price, I would rather eat at a Gourmet lunch truck before stepping foot in a fast food place. Not only is the cost the same, eating at a Gourmet truck is healthier and better quality!
The menu from May 2009