Sep 23, 2010

OMG, Food Trucks have gone mainstream!

Wow, food trucks have indeed gone main stream!! I received a tweet from the Auto Club of So cal who wanted to share a write up on LA food trucks being featured in this month's Auto Club News. 

Click this link to read the article on the "newer" trucks you can find in the greater LA area.  Too bad they didn't interview Orange County Foodies to represent the OC!

Auto club also interviewed the one who started it all
The @KogiBBQ owner, Roy Choi.


  1. Very cool Michelle, I love Kogi's just as much. I hope to come across one of these many food truck events. We probably stood in line together and didn't realize it. ;-)

  2. Ha ha, I bet we did. I realize thru Twitter and Foursquare, we do end up at the same food gatherings, and don't even know it! Thanks for reading my blog :)