Dec 1, 2014

Nov 19, 2014

TLT Food opens location at Irvine Spectrum

Orange County fans rejoice!! We can have the Lime Truck food without having to dine curbside!  OK, it does defeat chasing a food truck, but sometimes its nice to sit down and relax with a cold beverage, right? 

Officially opened today, Wednesday, November 19, 2014, TLT had a sneak peek the night before and I was lucky to snag an invite.

I was in Lime Truck heaven enjoying my favorite food items, and it was so nice to sit at a table to chow down on:

- Sweet and spicy steak taco
- Short rib sliders and short rib quesadillas
- Ahi tuna tostada
- Brussels sprouts
- Chimi noodles
- Kale salad
- and other items

They also had a wonderful Dragonfruit limeade (with or without tequila) along with a variety of beers and a coca cola for the kiddies.  The food just like the food truck: its fresh, healthy, and the prices are affordable.

It's located behind Sports Authority. Park at the structure behind Edwards Theater, closer to the Dave and Buster side. 

TLT FOOD at The Irvine Spectrum
705 Spectrum Center Drive
Irvine CA 92618 
Of course, you can still chase the official Lime Truck. Daniel will be working the trucks more frequently, so that's an incentive to dine curbside.  If you're in the LA area, they also have a location in Westwood, by UCLA.


Short rib slider

Inside the short rib slider

Short rib quesadilla

Sweet and Spicy beef taco

For the non meat eaters, fear not! There's plenty of great food for you, too!

Ahi tuna tostada

Brussel Sprouts

Chimmi Noodle salad

Kale and Cous Cous salad

And a visit is not complete without the famous Lime Truck Limeade!

Congratulations, Daniel on the Orange County location! 

Nov 18, 2014

Irvine: Hello Kitty Food Truck

Taken from OC Weekly:

Dim sum at Capital Seafood and soju key lime margaritas from Urban Seoul 2.0 are a couple of reasons why we visit the Irvine Spectrum. Yet the one you should get excited about this month involves a cat little girl.

We broke the news earlier this month about the creation of the first Hello Kitty Cafe on the mainland. That will happen when it happens. In the meantime, followers can fall in line for their dessert truck.

Intel tells us that on Saturday, November 29, the kitty mobile will be rolling into the plaza for the day. Expect desserts galore between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. An exact location is not provided, but locating a massive pink truck on a Saturday should be a snap for most of you. Here kitty, kitty.

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